Why you should get around Iceland in Iceland Super Jeep

Traveling to Iceland is a lifetime experience. However, the experience becomes memorable when you thoroughly explore the varied terrains of the country. It is practically tiring and expensive when you solely depend on public transport and break journey to achieve the feat.

What can be a better option? You may consider doing a guided private tour in a Super Jeep for the purpose. The vehicle is robust, safe and reliable. You can conveniently travel across Iceland.  Being a heavily modified vehicle it makes sure to get your through the most challenging landscape in comfort and joy.

It is crucial to buy a tour package from a reputed travel agency to avail the facility of touring in a Super Jeep. Read on to know more details on this matter.

Going to Thorsmork Valley 

Discover, a top-rated travel agency, organizes Iceland Super Jeep Tours, which make it easy to dig through the various tourist spots in the country.

  • You can conveniently opt for traveling to the famous Thorsmork Valley by a Super Jeep.
  • You will experience multiple river crossings on the way
  • The rates are competitive and suit your budget especially when 3-5 people share the private tour.
  • While driving across the park, you may stop at the famous waterfall of Seljarlandsfoss on the way
  • Book your Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure tour now

Immersive experience Langjokull Glacier

You also have the choice in Iceland Super Jeep Tours to experience the mighty glacier of Langjokull. It is amongst the second largest glaciers in Iceland around 953 sq kilometers Ice cap.

  • You can drive through the deep snow via Super Jeep
  • We let the air out of the tires to get better flowtation in the deep snow
  • This is amongst the most extreme 4×4 experience to get from Iceland
  • We ofer a visit to Langjokkull Glacier on our Private Golden Circle Glacier tour.

Driving to Landmannalaugar

Tour to Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is yet another beautiful place where you can drive on a rented Super Jeep.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Chasing the Northern Lights

How can one forget the immense exciting of witnessing Northern Lights while touring Iceland?

  • Super Jeep is probably the most marvelous vehicle, which you can drive to various spots to get a glimpse of the fascinating dance of solar dust.
  • Capturing the magic of Aurora Borealis becomes easier when you are driving and exploring sightseeing spots on a Super Jeep.
  • You do not have to rely on public transports for viewing Northern Lights.
  • You can simply drive the Super Jeep to a suitable spot, park it beside and camp for the night.
  • Book you private Northern Lights Super Jeep tour now

Driving to Vatnajokull

Vatnajokull is yet another magnificent National Park where you can conveniently drive on a Super Jeep. You witness astonishing scenic beauty at the park. The amazing view is bound to give you goose bumps.  If you start from Reykjavik on Super Jeep, it does not take much time to reach the spot.

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