The Essential Guide to Landmannalaugar Private Tour Iceland

Traveling to Landmannalaugar should be in your itinerary while exploring Iceland. Located specifically in the mystic terrains of Southern Iceland, the title of the region particularly means ‘Mountain’s back’. The place is within the geothermal oasis region of Tundra, forming an integral part of Iceland.

Getting there

The simplest and most practical provision to get there is renting a car through a Private Tour Iceland package administered by DISCOVER, a top-notch tourism service provider. You can take the Ring Road to drive to your destination. From the capital city Reykjavik, the drive will approximately take 3 hours.

Best time for touring

Best time for touring

Landmannalaugar is in its loveliest form during the summer months. The landscapes become vibrant with lush greenery and colorful flowers. You can also opt to tour during the winter days, but, in that case, you need to hire strong super jeeps for exploring the challenging terrains. The location is fairly conducive to witness Northern Lights in your Private Tour Iceland.

Nature Reserve of FjallabakNature Reserve of Fjallabak

The deep valleys and exquisitely rugged landscapes of the nature reserve at Fjallabak are scintillating. The region has bedrock that is about ten million years old. There are lava fields in the vicinity, with a mystic crater lake. The nature reserve was established way back in 1979. It covers an area of 470 sq. km. The whole region is the largest and the most prolific rhyolite area in the country. It is also famous for its distinct geothermal attributes.

Hot SpringsHot Springs

Hot springs crop up from the lava fields of Landmannalaugar region, creating a calm, warm river. There is a nice bathing area that is for public usage, free of costs. But you need to strictly maintain specific hygiene standards to relish its waters. The currents are warm even in freezing winter months.

Riveting hiking trailsRiveting hiking trails

You can find numerous hiking trails in the Landmannalaugar region with varying levels of difficulty. The Laugavegur Trek is among the famous trails that you can select to explore the scenic beauty of the region. It is about 55 km in length and takes 4 to 5 days to cover.

Camping facilitiesCamping facilities

There are nicely administered camping sites in the region that are primarily managed by the Icelandic Tourist Association. You can stay in a mountain hut that has cozy cabins and a well-equipped kitchen. The campground also has several tents as makeshift temporary accommodations.

Landmannalaugar weatherLandmannalaugar weather

Highlands in the region have harsh weather. Snow covers the ground for about 8 to 9 months each year. The average temperature during winter months hovers in the range of -5 to about -10. In summer days, the maximum temperature rarely crosses 15 degrees Celsius.

What to PackWhat to Pack

Visiting Landmannalaugar requires you to pack a strong windproof and water proof set of garments. You also need to pack good quality gloves, a hat and a detailed map of the region. A jacket with insulating layers is recommended. For camping purposes, you need a well-insulated sleeping bag.

Plan and tour

Properly plan your itinerary when exploring Iceland and tour the Landmannalaugar region with customized traveling strategies.

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