Why Iceland Private Tours Can Offer You The Perfect Coronavirus Refuge

The best tourism hot spots all over the world are gradually reopening after “the great lockdown.” However, none of those locations appear alluring in any way. If you want to go to the beach, then you’ll have to space out parasols and forget about buying drinks. Also, you’ll have to keep a mask on your face if you want to go shopping. Many countries in Europe imposed quarantines to limit imported infections. All these things prove that going on a vacation isn’t going to be easy or fun-filled. Since public health concerns are now a huge factor that dictates tourism, “COVID-free” locations are what you should seek.

Look for Iceland Private Tours

The exception

If there’s one location in particular that can provide an ideal getaway for avid travelers like you while keeping you safe from COVID-19, then it’s Iceland. You can look for Iceland Private Tours on the website vefsugerc41.sg-host.com. It’s a tiny island nation with a population count that doesn’t exceed 360,000. For the last 15 years or so, this country has been one of the busiest travel destinations in the world. People from every corner of the earth visit this place for its stunning landscapes, lava and ice caves, the Northern Lights, and other vistas featured in shows like “Game of Thrones.” Recently, the nation gained plaudits as a coronavirus case-study because it managed to keep its outbreak under control without imposing a lockdown.


Its laurels

Since the outbreak started, this country stood out from the rest of Europe by creating a proactive pandemic plan and adhering to it. The authorities started testing widely for COVID-19 in February much before its first declared case. They even tested people who exhibited no symptoms. A Reykjavik-based company supported the authorities to perform those tests. They inspected more people per capita than anywhere else. By quarantining and tracing the contact points of positive cases, the nation managed to avoid the extremes of indiscriminate lockdowns. As a result, the country proudly showcases the effects of the measures taken. They only had 1802 recorded cases and only 10 people died. Naturally, there’s no reason for you to avoid booking Iceland Private Tours now.

The impact of demographics

The impact of demographics

Of course, the demographics of the country played a crucial role in the containment of the pandemic. This nation’s median age is about 36 whereas Italy is 46. It’s also possible to maintain better social distancing in a country whose population density is lesser than some of the most popular cities. Apart from demographics, effective government planning and trusted scientific advice also decreased the dangers. Instead of offering special deals, the authorities planned to open the doors of the country from June 15 to travelers like you. You just have to choose between two-week quarantine and a COVID-19 test. The second option is the better one.

Iceland’s Rakning What travelers must do

Once you reach the country, you have to download Iceland’s Rakning C-19 contact-tracing smartphone app. It seems logical enough because they follow stringent data protection policies. In return for these simple and light strictures, visitors can explore the beauty of this magnificent place without crowds or restrictive policies on movement and wearing masks. It’s a perfect trade.

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