Why Iceland Deserves The First Spot On Your List Once The Coronavirus Crisis Is Over

The outbreak of COVID-19 brought the entire world to a standstill. Just like every other industry, the sphere of travel and tourism is suffering too. Now, humanity is strong and resourceful enough to fight back and emerge victorious. When this emergency will pass, tourism will inevitably begin again. Nevertheless, one can’t ignore the fact that it will leave a long-lasting impact both on the world and its people. Avid travelers will be in search of destinations with open and vast spaces, clean water, and unpolluted air. It will be difficult to plan anything right now due to the chaos. Besides, no one knows what awaits humanity in the future. However, the only place where you can expect pristine conditions is Iceland.

The shortest airplane ride

The shortest airplane ride: You wanted to know why you should choose Iceland over other destinations, and you’ll find the reasons here. Iceland’s convenient location makes it easy for tourists to reach the country from Europe, the USA, and Canada quite easily. All you have to do is book Iceland Tours from vefsugerc41.sg-host.com. The flight is short, and as one of the aftereffects of the coronavirus, flight ticket prices will drop.

The drop in the exchange rate

The drop in the exchange rate: Several events will follow once the governments of nations will lift lockdowns. A massive drop in exchange rates is one of them. However, the exchange rate in Iceland already went down by more than just a few notches. Everyone knows how costly it used to be to book Private Tours in Iceland, but with the drop in the exchange rate, you can hire the largest and most luxurious super jeeps to enjoy the wonders of Iceland.

The population

The population: Iceland happens to be one of the most under-populated countries in the world, other than being an exceptionally attractive tourist destination. It means that you won’t encounter large groups of people. Social distancing is currently the only way to prevent contracting COVID-19. Even when researchers find a cure, the need to maintain social distancing will remain. Naturally, it will be very challenging for someone to contract the coronavirus in Iceland.

Maintaining hygiene is a habit

Maintaining hygiene is a habit: Indeed, hygiene is a habit, and the Icelanders have it in their blood. You will realize it too once you reach the country. You’ll encounter swimming pools almost everywhere because the natives are bathing fanatics. During your trip, you have to stick to their hygiene standards, and you would return home with this good habit.

Discover yourself

Discover yourself: Human psychology experts say that people must face a crisis to realize that they must change their path or reset their life. Iceland proved to be an ideal place for such people in the past and will continue to be so. Apart from offering incredible opportunities to reconnect with Mother Nature, you can test your limits by taking part in special activities, such as walking on a glacier. You’ll need it because the time you spent in quarantine can reduce your strength, and here you can recover it in Iceland.

Be safe in Iceland

Lesser-known places: Even if tourism booms after the pandemic, you will be safe in Iceland. The website mentioned earlier belongs to a tourism company that takes its clients to lesser-known and hidden locations. These places are off the beaten track, which means that you won’t encounter crowds there.

Enhanced nature

Enough space: Since the population in Iceland is around 364,000, you will have enough space for yourself. You can enjoy the vast, landscapes by running around and jumping in ecstasy as clean, fresh air fills your lungs and rejuvenates you from the inside. There is nothing better than to experience the gorgeous beauty of Mother Nature after remaining cooped up inside your houses for so long.

Northern Lights

Less pollution: The government of almost every country had to impose lockdowns on their respective homelands to prevent the commoners from stepping outside, intermingling, and contracting the deadly virus in the process. Despite all the negative effects of this self-imposed lockdown, it reduced pollution significantly. Air pollution often interferes with the world-renowned Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Now that air pollution levels are way below normal, you will surely witness this natural wonder if you visit in winter.


Everything is small: Everything in Iceland is small, and it proved to be a boon for this country. There aren’t any large hotels there, and people don’t build their houses close to each other. As already mentioned earlier, Iceland offers enough space to everyone, even its visitors. All the hotels have just a few rooms, and all of them are big and spacious. It’s the same for museums, restaurants, bars, theaters, and public places.

Enhanced nature

Enhanced nature: Iceland is a very popular tourist destination, and visitors from all over the world flocked here over the last few years in large numbers. The nation itself began to feel the pressure that comes with attending so many travelers. While Iceland is tough, she required a break. COVID-19 gave it the holiday she needed. She managed to rejuvenate and heal herself. She came back stronger and much more resilient than she ever was. The locals also utilized the opportunity to improve their infrastructure.

Perfect for family vacations

Perfect for family vacations: Now that people got enough time to rethink their priorities, they understand that their family and friends are their most valuable possession. During your time in Iceland, you will be able to catch up with brittle relationships by partaking in sweet activities, such as riding Icelandic horses, seeing the whales the occupy the oceans, guided tours, etc.

Iceland already won

The reasons given above are compelling enough to make you believe that Iceland is the best place in the world to visit once humanity ensures its victory in the battle against COVID-19. You should also know that the government of the nation and health experts made quick decisions on how to handle the outbreak. No other country in the world did more extensive testing than Iceland. It’s safe to say that Iceland already won the battle and is now waiting for the rest of the earth to do the same.

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