Volcano & Glacier 4×4 Tour: Into the Iceland Private Tours
Private Tour Iceland

How about making your travelling experience more prolific by touring Iceland on your vacations? The country offers a myriad of natural treasures that would baffle you. Top touring companies offer extensive Iceland packages that make the job easy. The off-beat locations will also make you feel like a globe-trotter.

Iceland Private ToursDriving on a rented jeep

Witnessing the emphatic volcanoes and captivating glaciers is one of the key elements of the staple Iceland Private Tours. The breathtaking beauty of the Icelandic volcanoes would mesmerize you from close quarters. Travelling to prime tourist spots on a tour bus is an option. But there are other alternatives too. You can rent a 4 X 4 jeep and drive across the enchanting terrain of the country for exploring its offerings.

The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

If you love hiking, then you must aim for the impeccably lovely trails of Thorsmork. It is regarded to be the paradise for hikers. The thrilling adventure is a lifetime experience. Discovering nature has always been an engrossing experience for any seasoned tourist. You can start your Iceland Private Tours by visiting the beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Its milky white waters falling from a height of about 60 meters is indeed a treat to the eyes.


The Gígjökull Glacier

While driving a tour jeep through the mountainous tracks, you would feel a sense of achievement and serenity in the peaceful Icelandic environment. You would cross not one or two, but ten rivers in your way to reaching Thorsmork. The natural marks of the previous volcanoes and glacial floods are still prevalent in the area. Witnessing the imposing Gígjökull Glacier would surely give you the thrills. It is an integral part of the mighty Eyjafjallajokull volcano that had erupted way back in 2010, disrupting air traffic.

The enigma of Thorsmork

There are a few hiking trails in and around the Thorsmork region. It is advisable to take a fine pair of hiking shoes when you plan to trek. Keep a branded pair of top quality shoes for a hassle-free hiking experience. Also, have a spare pair of shoes. Witnessing the stunning tracks and the landscapes around during a hiking journey is genuinely fulfilling experience. A reliable travel company may also surprise you with secret stoppages during the tour. It may reveal a never-before witnessed dormant volcano or a small waterfall not visited by the usual tourists. The surprise visits add an element of joy to your journey, making it exquisitely memorable.

Iceland Private ToursThe relevant tour details

You would be glad to know that most of the top travel companies offer you various hiking packages and 4 X 4 tours all through the year. You don’t have to target a specific season to plan your travel. The total duration of the tour generally spans from 8 to 10 hours. Usually, a small team from the touring company picks you up from the hotel around 9 in the morning. Your group stops for the lunch at any of the several eateries along the way.

Dream the tour and plan accordingly

For a full-fledged touring experience, it is always rational to consult a good tour operator when you are dreaming to hike in Icelandic trails, witnessing the wonders of volcanoes and glaciers.

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