Viewing Northern Lights in an Iceland Private Tour [Essential Tips]

Without experiencing the dazzling and enamoring spectacle of Northern Lights, a tour to Iceland is considered to be incomplete. As an enthusiast, you generally plan for the trip giving the highest priority to sighting of Northern Lights. There are multiple locations across Iceland providing you with an opportunity to enjoy an immersive experience, witnessing the captivating Northern Lights. You can add considerable value to your experience when you are aware of a set of essential tips to engrossingly watch the heavenly solar dust. The following discussion might give you some helpful directions.

Best season and time to watch Northern Lights

Best season and time to watch Northern Lights

Firstly, gather information about the weather conditions and season most suitable for watching and getting fascinated by the Northern Lights. Iceland Private Tours professionally tailored by top travel agency Discover, especially during period between October and March, could provide you a perfect scope to witness the magic of Northern Lights. Clear skies are mandatory to watch Northern Lights. Moreover, there should be significant solar activity. The most appropriate time to witness Northern Lights is preferably in the three-hour bracket in between 11 PM and 2 AM. Note that you can’t watch the lights in stormy nights.

What should you bring and how should you dress

You must have clear ideas about things to bring to the spot, and ways in which you should dress in preparation for the exciting event in one of your Iceland Private Tours. You should bring:

  • An insulated and preferably high-quality branded jacket that is resistant to rains and strong winds
  • A thermal underwear
  • A pair of reliable walking shoes or strong hiking boots
  • A pair of warm socks
  • A pair of leather or woolen gloves

You can either carry these things from the origin of your travel or pick them up from Reykjavik shops.

Northern Lights

Choosing your tour

You have the option to choose either a more general, guided tour in a public transport or a more intimate, private tour. Keep in mind that a private tour for such an even might seem a bit more expensive. On the other hand, you would be able to avoid crowd and enjoy the sighting more intriguingly. You could book the tour online. Most of the tours are operated from Reykjavik, and the itinerary begins from there.

 Renting a vehicle

If you want ample freedom to wander about, you can rent a private vehicle like a Super Jeep and merrily drive around the strategic spots to witness Northern Lights.

Sighting spots in and nearby Reykjavik

You could spot the lights from the Old Harbor in the emphatic backdrop of the sea, floating on a rented boat. The lights could also be observed from the area close to Harpa Concert Hall. An excellent exhibition center, by the name Perlan, located at a small hill in the outskirts of Reykjavik is also a decent place to get glimpses of the Northern Lights.

Beauty of Northern Lights

A lifetime experience

Use these tips when you reach Iceland to visually chronicle the beauty of Northern Lights, storing in your memories forever.

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