Vatnajökull Glacier Super Jeep Tour

Iceland is called the land Fire and Ice for a reason. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world these days. It is a place where you will find magnificent active volcanoes along with vibrant blue glaciers. What’s good is that in every season Iceland gives a completely different experience. So, whenever you visit this beautiful country, you’re never going to be disappointed.

Unlike any other destination in Europe, it has the colors of various pleasures that life has to offer. Iceland’s unique landscapes and natural wonders complement its culture of cafés and lively nightlife. Moreover, for those who want an adrenaline rush, there are magnificent mountains. There’s something in Iceland for everyone. Due to the unique adventure, it has to bring, the nation invites adventure lovers with open hands. Whether you schedule a weekend getaway or want to travel the whole world, the various tours of Iceland should make sure you see the best the country has to offer.

Having modified super jeep on a glacier is a great experience

The journey on the Vatnajökull Glacier is no different. Filled with excitement and adventure, it guarantees to make your journey worthwhile. Vatnajökull, which is the largest glacier in Europe, is truly a thing of beauty. To explore Vatnajökull Glacier’s rugged highlands, we use only the best vehicles that stand well on security and comfort check. We use super jeeps that are extremely comfortable and affordable because they have plenty of room to fit up to 7 passengers at a time. So you’re never worried about the comfort and peacefully enjoy the trip.

About tour

This tour will be all about an incredible journey, scaling up the heights and discovering the depths of Icelandic glaciers. It is a magical combination of constant exploration and glacier climbing which makes it the perfect choice for both adrenaline and nature lovers. Glacier hiking in South Iceland is a common activity. This is a beautiful and natural world that will leave you spellbound with its stunning beauty and outstanding nature. So what are you waiting for? Pack your crampons and ice axe and get ready to be taken aback with the ancient ice formations of Vatnajokull, widely known as Europe’s largest glacier.

On a Super Jeep private tour

Your guides will make sure you learn everything about the glacier’s growth, its distinctive features, and its unique movements. Plus, the knowledge of how the environment has impacted the glacier along with how the glacier has played a major role in defining the region around it will also be covered. First, certified guides will give you a safety talk and an introduction to all the equipment we will be going to use when you arrive at the location. All the equipment you need for Vatnajokull, i.e. ice axes, crampons, helmets and safety lines, will be provided to you. Our guides love to share their awareness of the many stories of the country in order to make sure you have an enjoyable life experience. For quite a long time, they have been operating as a guide, acquiring enough experience to make your private tours in Iceland insightful and enjoyable. Remember, your success is our success. Hence, you can count on us whenever you are looking for the best tours in Iceland.

Why choose this tour?

The chance of getting away from the hectic city life is rarely found. Get lost in the serene beauty of South Iceland. Come along on a trip of a lifetime. This tour provides you the opportunity to get in touch with the absolute tranquillity of the Southern Iceland region. Be prepared to be taken aback by the robust snow-white Vatnajökull Glacier that is famous for being the largest glacier in Europe.

In this, you will get a chance to experience the breath-taking view of the glacier valley of Sultartungugil. In a 4-hour road trip, you will get to see the finest of sights that Iceland is blessed with. The views of the beautiful Esjufjöll and Öræfajökull mountains are sure to leave you spellbound. Go right to top of the glacier in our specially customized super jeeps on a relaxing journey. Grab the chance to experience the iconic locations where your favorite movies and TV series were shot. From the superhero flick, Batman Begins to the historical saga of Game of Thrones—all were shot here.

It is a great chance to interact with Iceland’s amazing natural wonders. In this tour, you will be provided with an extremely friendly tour guide that knows their job really well. In this journey, you will travel in a super jeep to a ride that will be filled with fun and adventure. On arriving at the Vatnajokull glaciers, we will hike to the ice cave.
Then we will venture into the mystical ice world after a short walk of about 30 minutes to enjoy the sparkling crystal ice cave. The cave glitters from sapphire blue to brilliant white with lots of wonderful colors. You’ll know everything about the ice caves of Iceland and its impressive structures.


Iceland Private Tours
Ford Excursion Super Jeeps is capable 46″ modified for any glacier in Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier’s crystal ice cave changes with each passing winter. So you’ll see a completely different ice cave every year you join our tour. We will spend about 30-45 minutes inside the ice cave. Don’t forget to bring along warm winter clothing that will protect you against harsh cold. This tour is great for all the photography fanatics as it provides many opportunities to get close to nature.


What if I cannot travel to the location of the meetup?
Even though meetup involves traveling to the location by yourself and meeting the tour guides. But, for your convenience, we also extend our services to picked up and taken to the location. You can choose according to what suits you the best.

Are there any special tours for younger children?
Sure! Most of our jeep tour has a minimum age of 6. It will be an exciting adventure for the kids as they discover the natural wonders of Iceland. Also, some of our tours have no minimum age. In fact, it will be a great learning experience for the kids as they get lost in this serene wonderland.

Can the tour be customized?
We take great pride in being a travel-friendly agency that keeps its client’s demands on the top. We can definitely customize the tour according to your convenience.

How safe is the journey?
You need not be worried about safety at all. Your safety is our number one priority. We use only the finest safety equipment to ensure there is no mishap involved.

What is the difficulty level of the tours?
We offer tours of various difficulty levels. It is not a problem if you don’t have prior experience in adventure travel, our tour guides make the travel very easy and fun.

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