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Golden Circle Tour Iceland

On this Golden Circle Tour Iceland you will experience the highlights of the most popular tour in Iceland along with all the hidden secret stops we love so much

The tour is delivered using luxurious SUV/minivan that takes 1-7 persons or for larger groups in a Mercedes minibus that takes 1-16 persons and offers the flexibility and personal service that we like when traveling around.

We begin with the intensely red pseudo craters of Rauðhólar and here you’ll learn about volcanoes and eruptions.

The Rauðhólar known as red hills is basically the remains of pseudocraters in Elliðaárhraun lava fields in the south of Reykjavík city. The reason behind Rauðhólar pseudo craters look so lovely is the eye-catching red color, which is brought about by the scoria being hued by the oxidation of the iron in the lava. The Rauðhólar is around 5200 years old. It was proclaimed as a nature reserve in 1974.

Then we’ll take you to the ocean, to a desolate place, the black sandy beach around a river delta. This is a time to enjoy open spaces and solitude.

Reynisfjara Beach is the most popular black sand beach on the South Coast of Iceland. The wonderful dark sand with incredible waves, also close-by Reynisdrangar ocean Basalt stacks make Reynisfjara a really special spot to visit during Golden Circle Tour Iceland. The reason behind the sand at Reynisfjara being black is that it is formed from vigorously disintegrated volcanic rocks, which are obviously black in color. They have been formed by the solidification of the lava that had been cooled with time.

Then we go to see the famous Crater Kerið (a small entrance fee applies), then Waterfall Faxi.

The mighty Gullfoss Falls will be our next stop. Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall) is a famous waterfall in Iceland offering a marvelous perspective of the beauty and excellence of our nature. Gullfoss is a must-visit part of the Golden Circle Tour Iceland. It is situated in South Iceland on the Hvítá (White) waterway.

When you will get near to this waterfall, you will probably feel extremely little. The proportion of water slipping through the stones is astounding! The best thing about this gorgeous fall is that you can see it is overflowing from the top and get a fascinating view. This spot is spectacular, it will definitely make a place in your heart forever.

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Next will be the Geyser Strokkur, which erupts every 5-8 minutes. Have you at any point seen hot spring water spouting out of the earth and rose to a few meters high in the sky? Don’t miss the chance of taking a look at this present nature’s excellent phenomenon in your Golden Circle Tour Iceland.

Our last stop is Thingvellir National Park, a location very dear to Icelanders due to the contribution it’s given to our history. It’s also a tremendously important place, geologically speaking, since here it’s possible to see the tectonic plates of two continents, splitting apart. And then, we return to Reykjavik and drop you off at your hotel, hoping you’ve enjoyed our minibus tour just like kids :). It is located around 45 min a long way from the capital city, and this is the essential stop on the Golden Circle Tour Iceland.

Contact us by email at info@discover.is if you can’t find availability for your traveling date or if you want to discuss adjust the itinerary.

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There will be a number of secret stops as well, but we can’t tell you about it. “Only Guide knows” …


  • Pseudo craters Rauðhólar
  • Black Sands
  • Crater Kerið
  • Waterfall Faxi
  • Gullfoss Falls
  • Geyser Strokkur
  • Thingvellir National Park


  • Transport: tour in luxury Mercedes minibus max 6 persons
  • Season: all year
  • Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Hotel pick up: 8:30
  • Excluded: food (we make stops for lunch)


  • Food
    We will stop for refreshments on the way and for lunch
  • Optional activity:
    Snowmobile 1 hour – 24,900 ISK for double rider / Child 14.000 ISK (0-11 Yrs)
    Snowmobile 1 hour – 31,900 ISK for solo rider / Child 17.000 ISK (0-11 Yrs)
    Tour from Gullfoss Café

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