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Super Jeep Tours – The Real Iceland

What is a super jeep? Why are the tours so pricey? Super jeeps are Iceland’s best monsters. We modify the vehicles quite heavily so that we can drive them on our glaciers, and into the highlands. This is off-road on steroids!

Asides getting humongous tires of 38” – 46” (because by definition it’s not a super jeep if the tires are smaller than 38”), these vehicles are modified for a much higher clearance, an extra step is added to be able to get into such a car, they get very strong extra front lights, the gear ratio is adjusted to the tire size, they will have 100% 4×4 drive lockers, the body is reshaped to house the large wheels with wide fender flares, the suspension is modified, and an air compressor is added to both deflate and inflate the tires. Finally, there will also be a fire extinguisher, a shovel and ropes, as indispensable part of the equipment. So that was the info on super jeeps for car nerds 🙂 And here’s a little presentation on YouTube – What is a Super Jeep?

Comfortable and Ample Leg Space
We use Nissan Patrol and Ford vehicles for our tours, the reason being because they’re very comfortable for the passenger, with good leg space. And they have proven to be the best vehicles in very challenging conditions. But note that during tours most of the attractions are reached on tarmac roads, naturally. For customized trips, contact us by email – info@discover.is

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