Top 5 Best Activity You Can Do in Iceland

While doing your research on for your first trip to Iceland, it may be hard to decide which activities and
attractions should make it to your list. This country is a land of contrasting landscapes and this is the
reason why many travelers don’t have any idea on what to expect yet.
It’s a country with glaciers and volcanic springs can exist together, a place where there are long winter
nights and endless summer days. If you are among those who want to experience what this country has
to offer for your vacation plans, then let’s get to know some activities that you can do during your

Our customers enjoying the Black Sand Beach Reynisfjara

Go see the Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

Unlike other tropical beaches in the world, Iceland’s very own is unique because it is covered in black
sand. The beauty of this attraction comes from its haunting appeal as well as it’s stunning rocky
coastlines that make fora picture perfect scenery. Imagine white, strong waves constantly clashing with
the black shoreline – all encapsulated with a background of the fjords and striking rock formations. You
will get to see the famous Dyrholaey sea-arch as well since it is a few minutes away from the beach.
From up above, you’ll get 360-degree views of the whole area. Prepare to be amazed because this will
only prove that those postcards don’t really lie when it comes to promoting tourism in Iceland.

Thingvellir Þingvellir National Park
One of Iceland’s National Parks.

Visit Thingvellir Unesco park Iceland

Have a side trip in Thingvellir National Park which has been considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
since the year 2004. Comfort is well taken care of since these kinds of tours will usually be done with a
4×4 vehicle that can easily traverse the Icelandic terrain. It’s one of the best ways to see the country
since you will get to see the local landscapes. One of the most well-known attractions in Iceland would
have to be their glaciers. It’s a sight to behold because it is only in this part of the world where ice can
be beautiful in its purest form. You can also try snowmobiling and cross it off your bucket list while you
are at it.

Experience the Blue Lagoon natural wonder

A Natural Spa in the Blue Lagoon Iceland

If you’re tired of the usual spa sessions, it might be time to up the ante. Visiting Iceland means that you
must make your way to the most famous geothermal spa in the country – the Blue Lagoon. As its name
suggests, the water is colored milky blue because of the natural minerals that are present in the area.
This is the reason why it is said to be very good for rejuvenating the body. All around, you will get to see
the surroundings which is composed of lava fields and gray mountains. Add a stunning view of the
sunset, and you’ve got yourself an otherworldly paradise that is not present in other countries that you
have visited.

Grjótagjá cave at Myvatn had hot water and is a great experience to visit

Take time to Explore Lake Myvatn Geothermal Area

Now this attraction is another unique addition that you need to add to your itinerary. The contrasting
blue waters of its surrounding lakes, to its green landscapes, together with the gray lava fields is a sight
to behold. Because of strong volcanic eruptions in the past, the lakes were formed to the way they are
now. Dozens of bird species can be seen in this area during the summertime, so you can time your visit
accordingly if you want to witness this. While walking around, you might see small craters along the
way, you can check them, just be cautious since some might blow out some steam. After the walk, you
can choose to relax in the Myvatn Nature Baths – another geothermal attraction that you can enjoy.
Whether you take this as a stop over during your tour or as a whole day trip, it will surely be one of the
most panoramic views you will set your sights on. Iceland will take your breath away not only because it
is a new destination, but even more so because of its seemingly magical landscapes.

We plan your iceland private tour

Go on a Multi-Day Tour and see Iceland´s Panorama

Lastly, as an overall package, this kind of tour might be the best for travelers who want the widest
scope. You’ll get to experience Iceland wholly by taking a compressed tour of the whole country in one
go. This kind of tour will usually last from 7 days or more, and the best part is that you will have the
choice on where to go next on which day.
It is hard to choose activities if you have a limited amount of days for your holiday, so considering this
kind of tour might be best and more practical. You’ll get to see the best of what Iceland has to offer in
terms of tourism and scenic views. Your preference is considered, whether you want to travel to the
rural areas or go experience the glaciers. It includes accommodations, transportation, and meals in
between so there is really nothing to worry about. Sites like will give you the friendliest
deals so make sure to tap into them if you want to try it out. Bring your camera, prepare your clothes,
book that ticket, and plan a great holiday while you’re at it!
Iceland might just be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe because it is not as well-known
as its other neighboring counties. However, you must admit that this is part of its overall charm as a new
destination for those who have not yet been introduced to this part of the world. You don’t really know
what to expect and this builds the anticipation for any traveler who wants to experience something
new. This country has so much to offer with its scenic landscapes, glaciers, volcanic fields, unique
activities, and even the courteous locals. Your trip here might just turn out to be one of the most
memorable one yet.