Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour : A must visit place in Iceland

Up for Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour? Thorsmork is a popular mountain valley in Iceland, named after thunder god ‘Thor’. This beautiful valley is surrounded by Mýrdalsjökull, Tindfjallajökull, and Eyjafjallajökull from three sides. The place is full of wonderful views and exciting adventure spots all around it. The Thorsmork is called as Þórsmörk in the Icelandic language as ‘Þ’ is pronounced as ‘th’ here. It is one of the most popular hiking places in Iceland, that’s why attracts hundreds of visitors to Iceland.

Glacier Gígjökull Thorsmork Eyjafjallajökull Best Off-Road 4x4
On the way to Thorsmork we visit Gígjökull, the largest glacier outlet of Eyjafjallajökull (you remember the infamous eruption of 2010 that disrupted air traffic all around the world).

The Thorsmork nature reserve is covered with lush green forests and flowers, with Krossá river flowing in between the valley.

Things you should know before going for the Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour:



This gorgeous valley is just 150 km from the capital city Reykjavik and about 100 km from the Selfoss city. This place can prove to be an ideal location to experience the magic of Mother Earth. It is not easy to drive to the park yourselves as the roads to the valley are rugged. Therefore, it is suggested to rent or book a car service to not any of the places of the valley. The Krossá river needs to be crossed, which can be crossed only through a 4×4 super jeep.


Crossing river at Gigsjokull glacier near Thormork

You might have been traveling to Iceland for years but didn’t get a chance to explore the mystery of Thorsmork natural park. You will be surprised to know that the entrance of the Thorsmork park is located just beside the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall on the south coast of Iceland. You can go on Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour and cover up the Grand South Coast in one day. The Grand South Coast tour of Iceland includes Seljalandsfoss & Skógafoss waterfalls as well as Gígjökull Glacier & Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. It would be huge fun to see different kind of landscapes in a single day.

Thorsmork is nature valley surrounded by 3 glaciers in Iceland

Book a Super Jeep

You might think it is easy to cross the river that lies in the valley in your own car, I am afraid to say it is not that easy to cross the river with currents, on your own. A modified 4×4 cars (like Range Rover) are the cars that are used for driving in there. If the water level is high due to rains, then you must book a super jeep to cross the river and the rugged terrain.


South Coast Thorsmork 4x4 Trucks
Super Jeep 4×4 after river crossing in Thorsmork

Even if you rent a 4×4 car for the Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour, it doesn’t mean you become equipped to drive that car. It is recommended to book a local guide along with the car, you can choose Discover Iceland’s Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour to reach safely to the destination. A local guide will share some valuable stories and must-seeing places of the valley along the journey that will be worth the money spent. You will get to visit the places where a normal cannot reach, the off-road paths, the rugged terrain, and highlands. The driver guide will drop at the spots where you can click some amazing photographs and post them on your Instagram.

Footwear Clothing Iceland Hiking Shoes
The correct footwear is very important when you come to Iceland, specially if you’ll be doing some hiking. You need proper hiking boots with ankle protection and a thick sole, such as you can see in this picture.

Go for Valahnukur Hike

Valahnukur is a beautiful mountain trail made from the volcano ash, situated in the center of Thorsmork valley. You have to hike to the top of the mountain to have the 360° view of the valley and the nearby places like as well. This trail is 458 m elevated from the sea level. After reaching the peak you will be surrounded by beauty all around. When you are ready for the Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour, there is one particular place you should hike to get a wonderful view from the top. The Valahnukur Hike in Thorsmork takes around 35-45 minutes to reach the top to get the fantastic view. It takes about two hours to complete the round trip of the Valahnukur trail, depending on how much time you are going to stay at the top.


If you are a travel photographer or a blogger, this valley is definitely a must-visit to capture the panoramic view from the above.

The hike is short and easy, and you will be surrounded by glaciers, volcanoes, mountain cliffs, and river lagoons on reaching the top. What an incredible view it would be!

Go for Camping


Thorsmork is quite famous for trekking, cliff climbing, and camping. One of the most popular hikes/treks in Iceland is from Skogar to Thorsmork. Having said that, doing wild camping is not legal to do in the Thorsmork, there are campsites available where you can spend your night. The driver guide will help you find one during your Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure Tour. You can also pre-book nearby hotel or hut if you have the plan to stay nearby Thorsmork area for a few days. Hut hotels are quite affordable accommodation options, along with this they also provide camping options near the hotels.


Our Super Jeeps are heavily modified for Iceland conditions