The Top 5 Dos and Don’ts- Iceland Travel Tips In Christmas

Traveling to Iceland can sound quite fun and interesting as the country is bestowed with natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Iceland is a small Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. This country is volcanically and geologically active for this very reason the country has beautiful landscapes and natural wonders in it. Iceland is home to some of the most top rated tourist attraction in the world as the country has wide ranges of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. Due to its location, the country also witnesses uncommon phenomenon like the Northern light and sunshine at midnight. Overall it is a special place to visit and witness the natural wonders and the uncommon phenomenon of the planet earth.

Northern lights from Djúpavík Westfjords

But before travelling to Iceland there is a list of Do’s and don’ts you should know to have a successful and worth remembering the trip. Iceland Travel can be quite tricky sometimes for a number of reasons. So you will always need the help of the locals or tourist guide in your stay in Iceland. But to help you ease out we have a list of do’s and don’ts for your trip to Iceland.



  1. The weather in Iceland can be a little tricky. A sunny day can just turn into a quick turn of snow flurries so it is very important to dress up well and carry a raincoat with you at all times.
  2. You should be extra careful while driving in Iceland and always keep in mind that this is not the place to showcase your talent and driving skills as the roads are slippery and prone to accidents. So it is very important you read the signs and take the right side while driving.
  3. Make sure you see the northern light while in Iceland as this is a unique phenomenon that occurs only in some parts of the world. The Northern Lights are stunningly beautiful and worth watching.
  4. Never miss a chance to dip yourself in the hot water spring but before doing this always shower yourself with soaps for hygienic purpose.
  5. Do not tip in Iceland restaurants as they added all charges to the bill and moreover they consider tipping an insult to their effort.


Iceland Travel

  1. Never drive off-road in Iceland as it is illegal and damaging to the fragile environment of the country. Doing this can land you in some serious problems.
  2. Do not expect anything cheap in Iceland as the prices there are crazily expensive even for foods. Even the Icelanders make fun of the expensive nature of the country.
  3. Do not wet your hair from any of the hot springs as the water contains sulfur which makes your hair stiff for days. It also damages your hair and makes your hair loss its natural softness.
  4. Do not plan your trips for hunting the northern light without considering the weather and aurora forecast.
  5. Be cautious while driving and never exceed the speed limits of 20 miles per hour as the weather can get pretty windy and dangerous.