The Science behind the Overabundance of Geothermal Springs in Iceland

There are several reasons which make Iceland one of the most craved travel destinations for today’s tourists. Iceland is proud of having an active geothermal underbelly, but you want to see some of it above ground. This topic is all about the different accessible geothermal locations and all the geological features you will see there. There have been events where ancient cultures, having access to geothermal springs, went to bathe and socialize at these locations. This guide will give you an idea about the outlook for these sites.

A source of energy

Iceland has an appropriate nickname, The Land of Fire and Ice because of the presence of volcanoes in a glacier infested country. Hekla and Katla are arguably the most famous volcanoes which you can see at Private Tours Iceland booked from However, it is the geothermal energy that draws your attention which is another example of how the world is still sculpting itself. The flames of this country have been burning ever since the country’s advent on the face of the Earth. There are many geothermal sites with hot springs and geysers.

Harnessing the power

Evidently, due to the presence of so much geothermal energy, the prices of heat and electricity are quite low in Iceland, and the country’s dependency is very less on fossil fuels. On Tours In Iceland, you will find that geothermal and hydroelectricity are two modes of power, sharing the market in a thirty seventy ratio. The heat of Iceland comes mostly from geothermal sources. Iceland experiences so much of energy outbursts due to the formation of a magma pocket, also known as the Icelandic Hotspot. It is the point where the subterranean mantle is hotter than the surrounding rock. Hotspots don’t rely upon the positioning and movement of tectonic plates.

Geysir and Strokkur

Anybody coming to Iceland and knowing a bit about the place will find that these two geysers at the Haukadalur Valley are the most famous among the rest. Haukadalur is an essential portion of the Golden Circle tour and is between the Thingvellir national park and the Gullfoss waterfalls. Geysir has gone inactive for some time now, but the word geyser originates from Geysir of Iceland. If you are lucky, then you may see the Geysir erupt sending jets of water at the height of almost seventy meters in the air. Strokkur is the more desired one as it explodes more frequently, every four to eight minutes and shoots water at the height of twenty meters.

Namaskard pass

This place lies at a short distance from the lake Mývatn at the base of the Mt Námafjall. It resembles the landscape of Mars very much, and the region’s red sands give it that iconic appearance. As a visitor, you will observe strikingly black rivers and bubbling pools which create a strange ambiance of life and death. The visual aesthetics of this place harmonizes with a pungent and egg-like stench that intensifies which every approaching step you take. It comes from the solfataras and mud pools which will prove to you the reason for the lack of vegetation at the location.

Hveravellir natural reserve

Here is another example of Iceland’s geothermal energy exuding sites, offering you, as the guest, a plethora of sights and sounds that associates itself with lively Icelandic landscapes. The world translates to hot spring fields, and it is like an oasis where hikers can sit down for a break and see something unique. Hveravellir is directly between Langjökull and Hofsjökull and is one of the bigger geothermal areas in all of the country. It is one of those hot springs that need appreciation from a safe distance. The springs here have a color coding like the green one is Grænihver, the blue one is Bláihver, and the red one is Rauðihver.


Gunnuhver is a mysteriously bubbling underground source of energy which takes its name from the biggest mud pool in the country. The story goes that a woman had a conflict with a local sheriff who when visits the woman’s funeral, dies a painful death at the hands of unknown assailants. When the remains of this sheriff reach Útskálar Church, the ghost of the woman appears determined to drag the sheriff’s soul to hell. When you reach this destination, you will know more about this unearthly incident which travels as folklore in the mouths of the locals. Gunnuhver is in the middle of Reykjanes and is perfect for a visit for those leaving or entering Iceland as it is very close to the airport. Close to Gunnuhver is the Blue Lagoon spa which is also another famous tourist spot in all of Iceland.

Gain some knowledge

So, here ends the knowledge about the geothermal energy that is so abundant in all of Iceland. You can know more about it at The Volcano House in Reykjavik or the Volcano Museum at Stykkishólmur. Those with interest in the science behind this geological fascination of Iceland should include a visit to these establishments, but you will only get the full experience if you see the locations up close. The hot springs and geothermal valleys of Iceland have been a fantasy for poets, and you too can awaken your senses by visiting these captivating locations.