The Most Romantic Places to Visit in Iceland

Iceland is a captivating country that would enthral any passionate traveller like you. It has stunning coastlines, beautiful forests, enchanting streams, and imposing mountains. Even the skyline of the country displays a motley of striking colours, typical of a Nordic region. Visiting Iceland will surely enrich your globe-trotting profile. You can tour all through the year, as the weather conditions are bearable in any season. Also, you will not face a tourist rush that usually exists in popular European destinations.

Flosagjá at Thingvellir Unesco park

World-class transport services

Planning for the transport services in your Iceland Tours is a mandatory task. You need to confirm the places where you want to visit. You may visit the Grand South Coast or the Golden Circle Island or both. Don’t be in confusion about touring the country. The best way to enjoy the visit is to explore Icelandic terrains on a luxury SUV or a jeep. The premier touring company Discover has excellent provisions for conducting a host of tours in top-class vehicles. If you are with a large group of friends, you have the option to hire a Mercedes mini truck. If your gang is small, you may rent a Mercedes V Class for a more intimate experience.

Exquisite tourist spots

The country is still unknown as a lovely tourist destination. Due to this reason, you may find it difficult to gather detailed information about interesting spots. But no person can deny that Iceland is vibrant with exquisite tourist spots that are unique in every respect. Iceland Tours ensure you to include most of these tourist spots. For example, Golden Circle Island is a fascinating destination where you can drive on a jeep to explore its natural beauty. The concise list below provides you with a few names that can be your options while visiting Iceland.

Thorsmork is nature valley surrounded by 3 glaciers in Iceland

The Thorsmork Valley

It is arguably the most romantic tourist destination in Iceland. It is an oasis with dreamy blue waters in Icelandic Highlands. Experiencing the stunning view of the midnight sun can be the most memorable event of your journey. The surrounding region has exotic rock formations and lush green valleys. You may drive there in a jeep and opt to sleep in a small tent around the corner. Some say that it is the perfect place to make a marriage proposal! You should visit Thorsmork during the summer.

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula 

If you are serious about exploring the astonishing flora and fauna of Iceland, visit Snaefellsnes that has a national park in its vicinity. You would be on cloud nine, listening to the sweet chirping of thousands of different birds. You have the option to trek through the nearby hiking trails. The friendly fishing villages in the area will welcome you with warmth.

Arnarstapi Winter Tour Snæfellsnes Peninsula Minibus Super Jeep
On this image you can see the small fishing village of Arnarstapi, and the mountain is Stapafell, covered with snow. These are the famous basalt rocks on this village, the remains of volcanic deposits.

The Reykjadalur Valley

Within a few miles of the Reykjavik premises, you can spot the beautiful Reykjadalur Valley. A river flows through the region that has warm waters in every season. A small tip is to try visiting the place in a mid-weeknight during the summer. You may be fortunate not to find a single tourist around the site! The valley is an excellent place to witness the Northern Lights.

Vatnajokull Glacier 

Touring the mysterious ice caves in Vatnajokull Glacier adds a unique dimension to your Iceland tour. You need to visit the caves in the winter season. You need an experienced guide to lead your group. The dry, crystal walls of the caves will astonish you.

Svínafellsjökull Glacier Hike Skaftafell National Park
This Svínafellsjökull, one of the outlet glaciers in Skaftafell. It’s in the National Park of Vatnajökull.

Start your preparations 

The list of exciting places in Iceland is long. If you need more information, you can search the internet and read some reliable blogs and travel websites. More importantly, start preparing for an unforgettable Iceland tour.  Contact Discover Iceland now.

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