The Exciting Detours You Can Take While Exploring the Magnificent Golden Circle
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Golden Circle is the most popular region in Iceland. Each year, thousands of tourists visit the place to relish its marvelous natural beauty. One of the top three tourist interest spots is Thingvellir National Park. Geysir Geothermal area is another intriguing place. Moreover, one can witness the captivating Gullfoss Waterfalls. Still, there are many interesting detours you can take to visit the less-visited spots in and around Golden Circle. This blog gives you some clear ideas about such intriguing detours. Read on.

Geysir Geothermal area
Geysir Geothermal area

Detour 1: Skalholt

It is a picturesque Icelandic town that you must include in your Private Tours in Iceland. If you are searching for a spot that does not have the typical touristy crowd, then Skalholt is a wonderful option. The place is located on Route 31 and is easy to reach on a 4X4 vehicle.

Detour 2: Thjorsardalur Valley

The valley is one of the numerous gems hidden in Iceland. Discover, a renowned travel agency can offer customized Iceland Private Tours that are marked by thrilling itineraries and may include engaging detours such as this.

Detour 3: Solheimar eco-village

It is a beautiful, serene settlement where you can find solace. The village is nestled in pristine nature, imparting positive, peaceful vibes. The eco-village is known for organizing lovely workshops that involve candle-making and weaving. It is located at a distance of 21 km from Laugarvatn.

Detour 4: Helgufoss & Thorufoss Waterfalls

Iceland is famous for several kinds of natural marvels and waterfalls are among those beauties. If you are interested to visit less-popular waterfalls off the fringes of Golden Circle and boasting about your find, then witnessing the gorgeous Helgufoss & Thorufoss Waterfalls is a great idea. It is not difficult to find the locations via GPS, physical map, local travel guides and signposts.

Visiting the Langjokull Glacier for snowmobiling
Visiting the Langjokull Glacier for snowmobiling

Detour 5: Tomato and Horse Farm at Fridheimar

Exploring a local Icelandic farm has its own unparalleled charm. The farm is snugly located on Route 35. While exploring the detours of Golden Circle, you may take a break here, enjoying a sumptuous and delectable lunch. Keep in mind that you have to book a table in advance.

Detour 6: Visiting the Langjokull Glacier for snowmobiling

If you are enjoying the tour during the winter months, then include visiting the fascinating Langjokull Glacier. It is yet another interesting detour. The place offers ample opportunities to experience the thrills of snowmobiling on milky white snowy expanses.

Detour 7: Taking a dip in Secret Lagoon at Fludir

A scarcely populated region called Fludir is another detour that very less number of tourists takes. There is a mesmerizing Secret Lagoon in Fludir. It is locally known as Gamla Login. The water remains warm and refreshing throughout the year. The pool is the oldest in its category in Iceland, built way back in 1891.

Which detour you will take?

You already have a nice list of detours. Which is the detour you are going to take while visiting Iceland’s Golden Circle? You always have the option to take all the detours!

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