The Ecstasy of Witnessing Cascading Waterfalls of Southern Iceland in a Private Tour
Select natural marvels, the majestic waterfalls of Iceland

Iceland has been always capturing the imagination of globe-trotters, professional photographers, nature-lovers, adventurists and even filmmakers due to its variegated terrains. As a tourist, you get ample opportunities to get immersed in the impeccable beauty of this island nation, floating serenely in Atlantic Ocean. Among select natural marvels, the majestic waterfalls of Iceland require a special mention. When you visit Iceland, prioritize exploring the southern fringes of the country. The region is known for numerous incredibly magnificent waterfalls. The rest of the blog discusses these heavenly natural creations.

Gullfoss is hands down the most popular waterfalls of Iceland


Gullfoss is hands down the most popular waterfalls of Iceland, attracting thousands of tourists throughout the year. Tourist-friendly Private Tours in Iceland administered by DISCOVER, a top travel agency, do include visiting Gullfoss in most of the itineraries.

  • An important segment of the famous Golden Circle Route
  • Arguably the most photographed Icelandic waterfalls
  • Uniquely appealing 2-tiered waterfall
  • Two cascades, with 36 feet and 69 feet heights respectively
  • Crevasse is 2.5 km
  • Breathtaking scenery in its surroundings



Further exploration in a Private Tour Iceland would reveal lesser-known yet fascinating waterfalls. One such waterfall is called Bruarfoss.

  • It has a relatively small size
  • Bruarfoss boasts off a signature color (bright blue)
  • The other name by which it is known is – THE BLUEST WATERFALL
  • Origin is the glacial River Bruara
  • The height of Bruarfoss is only 10 feet
  • An enchanting photo-stop with electric blue rapids with a lush green backdrop
Visiting Faxi during summer days.


You might have guessed by now that there is no dearth of waterfalls in Iceland. If you don’t love tourist-interest spots with large crowds, then visiting Faxi Waterfall would be a good decision.

  • The origin of Faxi is River Tungufjlot
  • The width of the waterfall is roughly 250 feet
  • It has a height of about 22 feet
  • Visiting Faxi during summer days could let you witness salmons jumping in its rapids – a marvelous frame to capture
  • Located in the vicinity of Bruarfoss



Hjalparfoss is yet another lovely waterfall that is bound to enchant you with its mesmerizing beauty.

  • Located in the Thjorsardalur Valley
  • It is actually a pair of waterfalls
  • The merging point of River Thjorsa and River Fossa creates the waterfall
  • Accessible to tourists throughout the year (means accessible during winter days, too)
  • A short, comfortable hike from a nearby parking lot takes you to the exact spot
  • Recommended period to visit Hjalparfoss is autumn
The mystic and imposing Urridafoss Waterfall would fill your heart with tranquility.


The mystic and imposing Urridafoss Waterfall would fill your heart with tranquility.

  • The origin of the waterfall is in River Þjorsa
  • Fact: River Þjorsa is the longest Icelandic river (its length is 230 km)
  • Fact: Urridafoss is regarded as the most voluminous Icelandic waterfall
  • The waterfall hits the deck of a lava field called Þjorsarhraun
  • You can witness a few fishermen trying their luck during summer days

Plan an extensive itinerary

It is nearly impossible to visit each of the above-mentioned waterfalls if you visit Iceland on a short trip. Try to plan a week-long trip and enjoy the alluring beauty of these waterfalls.

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