The Definitive Transportation Guide for Iceland

Touring Iceland is one of the most enterprising and satisfying experiences of life. If you love to travel to exotic places, Iceland should be on your priority list. You might have some inhibitions regarding transportation facilities in a faraway little country in the middle of the ocean. But you would be astonished to know that the beautiful country offers multiple options in high-standard transport.

Private Tours in Iceland

Car Travel

It is arguably the easiest transport mode that you can avail of. There are emerging companies that let you rent high-end vehicles for exploring the mesmerizing terrains. Top-rated Travel Company such as Discover Iceland makes your journey memorable with planned Private Tours in Iceland where you drive 4 X 4 Jeeps. You simply need an identification card and a proper driver’s license to rent a vehicle. You have alternatives like small cars, camper vans, and even plush vehicles to mark the tour with adventurous drives.

Plane travel

The Keflavik Airport in Iceland is its single international airport. It is located approximately 50 kilometers away from Reykjavik, in the South-West part of the country. The country is well connected with smaller domestic airports. You will face no problem in traveling to all directions and even as far as Greenland. Most of the flights that you take in Private Tours in Iceland do not span more than an hour. Flights are the best options in winter when conditions of roads in specific areas become unsuitable for conventional transportation.

Private Tours in Iceland
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Bus travel

Iceland has a single public transport network. It is a government run bus service. It is efficient and the cheapest option to travel in and around Reykjavik. The bus company has a name – Straeto BS. There are no options to pay by card. You must have some cash with you. Day passes are available in several retailers spread across the city. The service also has a mobile app that tells you about the routes and makes it convenient to book tickets.

Taxi travel

The costliest mode of travel in Iceland is a taxi. But if you want to reach somewhere urgently, you can safely bet on taxis. The drivers are fluent in English. Hence, you will not have any problem communicating with them. A couple of companies operate in tandem. The taxi service too has a mobile app. Keep in mind that Iceland is yet to have Uber services

Private Tours in Iceland

The hitchhiking option

Iceland is arguable the safest country for hitchhikers at all levels. It is a wonderful option for thrifty travelers. You can expect locals picking you up from the middle of the road on their vehicles. Ensure that when you are hitchhiking in unpredictable weather, you are clothed appropriately to ward off the extreme conditions, like heavy snowfall.

Boat travel

There are specific places in Iceland that are accessible only by boat. For example, a lovely little island of Grimsey can be accessed with a boat.

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