The Best Things to do in Myvatn Private Tours in Iceland

One of the most exhilarating experiences if you are touring Iceland is exploring the beauty of Lake Myvatn and the region around it in Northern Iceland. It covers a sprawling area of 36.5 sq. km. Travel enthusiasts visit the place throughout all seasons.

In one of the Private Tours in Iceland conducted by reputed service provider like DISCOVER, you will have plenty of opportunities in relishing the fascinating natural marvels along the banks of the lake. Moreover, you will be enjoying modern amenities such as supermarkets, banks, cafes, restaurants, guesthouses, etc. It takes approximately 6 to 7 hours from the capital city Reykjavik to travel to Myvatn Lake. The duration can be more during winter months.

Captivating Diamond Circle

Lake Myvatn is encompassed in an enriching traveling route named Diamond Circle that can be customized within the plans of your Private Tours in Iceland.

There are beautiful natural wonders like the Asbygri Canyon and the Dettifoss Waterfall, along with the picturesque Husavik, a charming local town, entailed by the route. Husavik is considered to be the European whale-watching capital.

You will also have the opportunity to relish the rock formations at Hljóðaklettar region nearby.

Geothermal area at Namaskard

Geothermal area at Namaskard

While traveling, you will come across the stunning Namaskard Pass located on the Mount Namajfall. It is one of the most prominent geothermal areas in Northern Iceland with striking beauty, covered with vibrantly colored clay.

The barren landscapes of the region, and mystic sulfuric odor of the area, will mesmerize you while you stroll around, taking photographs, chronicling your experience.

Rock Formations at Dimmuborgir

Rock Formations at Dimmuborgir

Dimmuborgir also has another name – Dark Fortress. It is located in the eastern side of the Myvatn Lake. You will find lava rocks scattered all around in the region.

There are deep caves and imposing towers in this area that create an engrossingly eerie atmosphere for the visitors.

The landscape varies a lot, with paved paths, rocks, gravel, etc. If you take a guided tour of the place, you can listen to different folk tales associated to the region.

Crater Mountain at Hverfell

Crater Mountain at Hverfell

If you are fond of hiking, then the Crater Mountain at Hverfell is a perfect destination for it. You would be amazed to witness its encircling trails as you ascend the mountain. Don’t forget to take the necessary preparations when you hike on the track.

You have the option to take either of the two permitted trekking routes. The more challenging route will take about 45 minutes to cover the trail completely.

The whole mountain stands erect among the lush fields of unique, mossy lava. The summit is only 420 meters tall and easily achieved by most of the travelers.

Cave of Hot Spring at Grjotagja

Cave of Hot Spring at Grjotagja

You can locate an apparently hidden cave at Dimmuborgir, which is famous for its pristine hot springs, with fountains of refreshing azure waters.

Make a plan today

You might be already jumping in excitement after reading about the activities and places at Myvatn Lake region. Start planning your tour today.

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