The Best Guided Tours of Iceland for All Seasons

Traveling to Iceland shortly so, where to visit and what to explore? Whether you are journeying for a short trip in Reykjavik or are exploring the entire country, this huge list of the best tours and day journeys in Iceland must assist you to plan your trip.

If you are traveling to Iceland for the first time, it can be tough to choose where to start the journey initially. Thus we have assorted the way of the excellent and famous day excursions in Iceland: amazing day trips from Reykjavik, well-known wildlife tours, tours in the North of Iceland. This range will provide you the best idea of what you should travel to the destinations are and what to likely. Furthermore, you can find a wide-ranging choice of other widespread activities to do in Iceland if you have enough time in this gorgeous country.

Best trips in Iceland

Plenty of tours and guided tours are presented throughout the year round, some others are periodic. Most of these can be traveled as a day excursion from Reykjavik, but some tours start out from other places. In this post you can get my top-quality choice of the best trips in Iceland throughout all seasons, but more engrossed on spring, summer, and autumn.


However winter can be a remarkable time to travel, temperatures can fall as low as -30°C, especially in northern Iceland, with December to February the frostiest months. Wind freezing can make deceptive temperatures feel even worse. Don’t evade Iceland in winter – but now do package appropriate thermal stuff.

The Northern Lights look from September until April, but February to March, and September to October – above all around the equinoxes – is the perfect months to explore them.

Late November through December and January are truly missing in the daytime as this is not a concern for aurora hunters, but annoying for photographers or outdoor activities.

Northern Lights

June and July are the best months of the midnight sun, which might sound delightful but assume some nights of concerned sleep as your body regulates to the endless Arctic light. And carry an eye mask! By the month of August, the nights start to blacken.

If you wish to drive remember that several small infrastructures – particularly in the foothills – are closed from late September to June (and often early July) due to snowflake and frost.

Orcas travel to the Iceland seashore in February and March; professional travel agencies run boat trips and wildlife photography outings to make the most of this enchanted sight

Iceland’s distant north ocean place makes for the changeable climate. May-Sep is the perfect time to visit Iceland if you want to visit the whale watching; you can syndicate orcas with Northern Lights in late Sep. Jun-Aug month has infinite days, low 20s heat along with summer holidays. Arid weather domestic makes this major mountaineering season. Snow appears as initially as Sep (and can remain to May) but Iceland can look good excessively in autumn. Wintertime can be cruel – but cater the aurora borealis for the extensive dusky hours. Winter road terminations make entrée to some areas tough.

Here, you can use the best-guided tours of Iceland for all seasons.