The Best Guide to Iceland’s South Coast Private Tour

Are you planning to tour Iceland in your next holidays? If yes, then don’t give the Grand South Coast a miss.

  • It is a rich terrain with various forms of natural beauties such as glaciers, mountains, pastures, lava fields, waterfalls, black sand beaches and more. You would be more than astonished to witness the magnificence of South Coast.
  • It is wise to consult a top-rated tour operator to properly design a plan and successfully implement it. The following paragraphs tell you about primary activities, private tour details, and locations to visit in Grand South Coast in Iceland.
  • A good idea is to do the 2 or 3 nights tour such as Mission Blue Ice 2 day tour and Mission Blue Ice 3 day tour

Seljalandsfoss Visiting Seljalandsfoss

The waterfall at Seljalandsfoss is scintillating. You will be amazed buy the majestic fall of pearly white gust of water from a 60-meter height. Private Tour Iceland, organized by a reputed travel consultancy named Discover, has terrific packages that let you visit to primary tourist spots in South Coast.

  • You have the option to cheaply hire a modified 4×4 super jeep and go for a self-drive tour to explore the place at your convenience.

Going to the Thorsmork ValleyGoing to the Thorsmork Valley

Thorsmork Valley is another mesmerizing spot in South Coast that is included in your Private Tour Iceland. If you are visiting during summer months, then the lush green pastures marked by swaying wildflowers will fall you deeply in love with the place.

Visiting Glacier GígjökullVisiting Glacier Gígjökull

Do you adventurous spirits in you? If yes, then availing a standard private tour package will let you emphatically cross a whopping twenty streams to reach the famous Glacier Gígjökull.

Getting scintillated by the black sand beachGetting scintillated by the black sand beach

  • Another well-known tourist spot of South Coast is the famous black beach at Reynisfjara.
  • The sand particles are coarse yet have a unique shine. More importantly, they are black in color.
  • The beaches are really unbelievable creations of Mother Nature that you will thoroughly enjoy on your tour.

Grand South CoastSome quick facts

It is essential to know some basic facts about the place and the itinerary before you begin to travel. This knowledge can act as a guide to know the new place more conveniently.

  • You can travel the Grand South Coast all through the year. It means every season is a traveling season. Many tourists prefer the end-summer to travel, i.e. in month of August.
  • The duration of the whole package administered by a top touring company is approximately 9 to 10 hours. In this period, you can fairly explore the main regions of Grand South Coast.
  • It is extremely important to carry personal hiking shoes when you are planning to explore the area. There are mountainous trails that require these shoes to be worn.

Having local foodHaving local food

There are lovely eateries spread across the region where you can relish tasty and hygienic local food.

Have a mapHave a map

It is not mandatory but carrying a map of the local area always helps.

Gear up and travelGear up and travel

Book your flight tickets today and travel to beautiful Iceland to get immersed in the magnificence of South Coast.

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