Best Iceland Small Group Tours

Group plans have always been fun, whether it is a hangout, party or vacation. Small group tours to beautiful Iceland is equally fun as it offers a plethora of natural attractions to drool over along with your friends or family. Its breath-taking landscapes and sceneries have always attracted the photogenic. Come here with your family and friends to explore every hidden gem of Iceland which includes northern lights, lava fields, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, beaches, waterfalls, and much more and capture some to good memories with your group to cherish for a lifetime.



Fagradalsfjall Geldingadalur Volcano Reykjanes Private Tour

Once in a lifetime experience to see an active Volcano
Mercedes Benz VIP usded for Private Tours

South Coast | Private Tour | Waterfalls and Black Sands

Tour the south coast to see volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls.
Private Tours in Iceland

Golden Circle | South Coast | Combo Private Tour

Tour the south coast to see volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls.
Super Jeep private tour

Golden Circle Glacier | Super Jeep Private Tour

Join us in our 4×4 super jeep adventure to this
Seeking professional help from a tour guide

Thorsmork Nature Valley | Private SuperJeep Tour

Thorsmork is a fantasy realm for hikers and nature lovers
Iceland Super Jeep

South Coast & Jokulsarlon | Multi Day Private Tour

Visit the glacier near the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and the

South Coast Ice Cave & Jokulsarlon | 2 Day Tour | Private Tour

Visit the glacier near the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and the

Golden Circle | Gullfoss - Geysir - Þingvellir | Private Tour

Tour the classic Golden Circle Private Tour. We'll show you

Landmannalaugar | Private Tour

A Private 4x4 tour to Landmannalaugar. Enjoy a hike and
Vikings Horned Hats Reykjanes Peninsula Tour

Reykjanes South Peninsula Private Tour

Ideal if you want to see as much as possible,
Goðafoss Falls North Iceland

Akureyri | Mývatn Nature Must-Sees | Private Day Tour

Full day tour on a comfortable 4x4 SUV. Departure is from
Landmannalaugar Winter Small Group Deluxe Tour

Landmannalaugar & Golden Circle | 2 day Private SuperJeep Tour

Mega tour of 2 or 3 days in Landmannalaugar in

Why choose us for your small group Iceland tour 

Choosing us for your next small group tours Iceland would be the right option for you as through these group tours we strive to make your holiday experience more interactive and personal. More the people more will be the fun, whether you take a warm dip in the soothing hot springs, or go snowmobiling over the massive glacier, doing it with your gang gives immense fun and joy. Our intension is to bring people together and make the adventure double. Undoubtedly, Iceland is the most popular and stunning tourist place for travel freaks.

Choose us for your next group holiday as we will offer you the best services throughout your vacation. We will provide you with the best tour guides who will pay full attention to your group throughout the vacation showering you with deep insights into the historical and natural beauty of Iceland. Book your group tour today to have a comfortable journey in a vehicle that is spacious enough for your group. We provide you with a licensed professional who have excellent navigation and driving skills to ensure you a safe journey while you enjoy the mesmerizing Icelandic sceneries along with your friends your family members.

Our other quality services for your small group Iceland tour would include 24/7 phone call service during the journey, manually-notes map with a personalized itinerary, your tour arranged well in advance by our travel consultant, a vehicle as per your preference, hotel arrangement for your family or friends group, and a private local guide for your small group tours Iceland. Consider us for your next group vacation to Iceland to have the best traveling experience and explore the jaw-dropping beauty of the country.

There are several more reasons to choose us for your small group trip to Iceland. These include: 

Get your small group trip planned with us: 

We understand the needs of our clients and plan their Iceland group vacations well in advance. Here, your group do need to take the pressure of planning the trip, we are here to organize your journey from the very beginning. We have an expert team of professionals who will put every gem of Iceland on the checklist so that your gang would not miss out on any of the breath-taking places. To make your group holiday memorable, we plan your whole trip even before you all start packing your bags. Our preparations for your small group tour package would include a personal guide, spacious transport, accommodation in the big hotels, and a comprehensive itinerary.

We organize every necessary practicality for you such as your stay and sorting out the best places in Iceland so that your friends or family would not face any burden of planning the dream holidays. With our experts on your side, you do not need to take the headache of planning your group trip you just need to enjoy. We combine everything in a unique package which will go well with your group’s budget and you all can enjoy your holidays without worrying about it.

Spacious transport for your group: 

Our small group Iceland tour packages include a perfect ride for you all, which will help you have a safe and comfortable journey to Iceland. We use the best vehicles for group tours including super jeeps (4*4 modified truck), and luxury minibuses/SUV, which goes through several safety tests before providing your gang with the best ride. The super jeeps are specially designed to offer you the off-road tour to the glaciers and exploring the jaw-dropping sights of langjokull glacier, thorsmork, landmannalaugar and hveravellir. You do not need to worry about space as these vehicles offer a huge space for up to 7 passengers along with enough space for luggage. If your group include more than seven people, then you can also hire a bus to small group tours Iceland.


We organize great small group Iceland tour packages according to your personal preferences, which can be customized any time that best suits your group’s comfortability. We will provide you with several options to choose from such as the place that your small group wish to visit, the vehicle, and a hotel. We organize your dream trip by keeping all your preferences in mind. We ensure that all your demands are fulfilled through our services. We strive to make your group journey as well as the trip to be the most memorable part of your life. Our tour services are known for flexibility where all our services can be customized at any time according to your wish and preferences. We prepare our packages so that we can offer you the best of Iceland and make your small group tours Iceland the one to be remembered lifelong.

Personal guide for your group: 

we offer you the most experienced guides of Iceland to make your small group Iceland tour worthwhile. Our tour package includes the most knowledgeable guides for your group who will provide you all with deep insights into every hidden gem of Iceland. You will get all the information about every natural attraction of Iceland. Our local guides will share every knowledge about Iceland’s old sagas, folktale and nature. In our small group tours Iceland package, you will get a personal local guide who will have their undivided attention on your group so that you all can fully enjoy the trip.

Adventurous tours for your group: 

Trying the adventurous activities of Iceland are even more fun when you are with your gang. Our small group Iceland tour package is a unique combination of everything that would be needed on a trip. We include some of the best adventurous sports and activities for you that will make your holidays a thrilling one, these include caving, glacier hiking and snowmobiling. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, consider our small group tours Iceland package, as we cover various adventurous sports and activities for you to make your vacation wonderful.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the dream trip to Iceland

Before you get begin with your group tour to Iceland, you might be having plenty of questions in your mind regarding this fascinating small country. Being the most popular tourist spot in the world, it consists of various natural attractions that will make you go jaw-dropping. To spend a long holiday with your group in Iceland, there are several new hotels, restaurants to have a long comfortable stay. Apart from this, there are much more exciting things to do with your family or friends in Iceland. To help you get the insight of What amazing things Iceland holds for you, we have included some frequently asked questions for you to get a clear view of what you are about to get in Iceland.

How do I get to Iceland with my group? 

You can either book a vehicle to Iceland or else there is one airport known as Keflavik International Airport, which services all its international flights, it is located in the southwest of Reykjavik, Moreover, there are several buses available at the Reykjavik airport, so that your group will not face any problem in getting a ride.

What currency is used in Iceland?

The Icelandic Krona (ISK) is widely used in Iceland. USD 1 is worth approximately 100 ISK.

What is the best time to visit Iceland with our group?

Iceland offers great fun and activities during both summers as well as winter season. During winters, you can explore the fascinating glaciers and try various adventurous activities with your gang such as snowmobiling and hiking. It is the best time to enjoy the northern lights, while summers are great for having fun on the beach with your pals.

Best activities to enjoy with our group?

Almost every activity is even more enjoyable when you are with your group. These include snowmobiling, volcano tour, hiking, whale watching and much more.