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Snowmobiling at Langjokull - Solo Ride

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the

Snowmobiling at Langjokull - Shared Tour

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the
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Snowmobiling at Langjokull - Solo Ride

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the

Snowmobiling at Langjokull - Shared Tour

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the


Snowmobiling at Langjokull – Shared Tour

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the majestic waterfalls and a gravel road driving.

Snowmobiling at Langjokull – Solo Ride

This one hour buggy tour is a unique way to enjoy the Icelandic nature, and covers seeing some of the majestic waterfalls and a gravel road driving.


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As a part of your personalised private tour in Iceland , we do offer activities in  partnership with the locals in each area of Iceland.  These are activities provided by farmers and family-run activity companies all over Iceland.    The activity can be shared or private depending on your needs and wishes.

Our Activities include walk-on Ice, Ice Caves, Lava Caves, Natural hot pools,  Snowmobiling, ATVs (quad bikes), Snorkeling at Silfra, Dog Sledding, Buggy, Sailing, Whale watching and much more.

We provide you with all training and necessary equipment needed to provide you with the best experience available.   If not everybody in your group want to do the activity the rest can either wait or just go and so something else with your guide as the activity is always provided by different certified guide local to the area we are in.

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Iceland Private Day Tours

Iceland Private Day Tours

Discover Iceland Private Day Tours with FUN and JOY

Discover Iceland offers a rich selection of Iceland private day tours in Iceland.  You can select from super jeep tours, luxury tours, multiday private day tours & Iceland private tours. We can even help you plan a custom tour that covers all the aspects.

Email us to info@discover.is to plan your trip.

Our knowledge of Iceland will make sure you see all the hidden spots in Iceland escorted by our experienced native Icelandic private driver guide, it will be like meeting with an old friend taking you around the amazing nature of Iceland in one day.

Our luxurious private day tour cars have been modified for more comfortable ride so it does not matter if you would like to travel to more rural places such as the glaciers of Iceland or just to stay on the main roads, we have the car for the job.

Our driver-guides come from different walk of life all with rich experience travelling around Iceland.  For us to take you out, is not really a job, more like something we do for fun, this is why you will like it so much.

Iceland is a beautiful country and a very famous tourist spot. People visit here from different countries to explore its natural attractions such as volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, mountains, beaches, glaciers, and much more. To experience the best day trips Iceland, book your tickets today to enjoy a comfortable journey in a spacious vehicle along with a licensed professional having excellent driving and navigation skills to ensure you a safe journey while you can enjoy the fascinating Icelandic sceneries. Reach out to us to avail of quality services, which include 24/7 phone service, manually-notes map, pre-arranged tour by our travel consultant, a luxury vehicle, a personal local private guide, and great travel experience.

Here are various reasons to choose us for your Iceland day trips. These include: 

1. Flexibility in work

Here, your best Iceland day tours are organized while keeping your preferences in mind, which can also be customized afterward according to your wish and comfortability. We offer a rich selection of the places you want to visit, luxury vehicles, and the best hotels to choose from. We organize your Iceland one day tour by keeping all your preferences in mind. We strive to fulfill all your demands through our services. We are best known for our flexibility at work. To ensure that our clients receive the best, we customize our services according to the customer’s preferences at any time, so that they do not miss out any of Iceland’s gem.

2. Pre-planned trips

We have a team of professionals who understand the needs of the customers and plans their trip even before they start packing their bags. Planning for an Iceland one day trip gives a lot of pressure, but with us on your side, you do not need to plan anything. We will organize your journey from the beginning. Our team will put gem of Iceland on the checklist so that you do not miss out any of the breath-taking places. To make your holidays memorable, we include the best of Iceland’s in our package. The preparations for your day trips Iceland would include a private guide, transportation, accommodation, and a comprehensive itinerary.

We pre-plan every necessary practicality for you, which includes the best hotels for your stay and sorting out the best attractions so that you do not face any burden of planning your dream holiday. With our experts at your front, you do not need to take the pressure of planning your trip you just need to enjoy the wonderful attractions of Iceland.

3. local guides

we provide you with the most experienced guides of Iceland to make your Iceland day tours worthwhile. Our services include the most knowledgeable guides for you who will provide you with deep insights into every hidden gem of Iceland. With history to present, you will get all the information about every natural attraction of Iceland. To provide you with a lifetime fun experience, our local guides will share every knowledge about Iceland’s old sagas, folktale and nature. We have a team of professional guides who have deep knowledge of every main attraction of the country. In our Iceland one day tour, you will get a personal local guide who will pay you full attention throughout the day so that you can fully enjoy your trip while getting all the information about every main attraction.

4. Iceland private day adventure tours

Our Iceland day tours package is a unique combination of everything that would be needed on a trip. We strive to put the best of Iceland in the package so that you do not miss out any of the main activities or place in the country. Our team have some great planning strategies and carry out excellent execution so that not a single adventurous spot of Iceland is missed out. We include some of the best adventurous spots for you that will make your holidays a thrilling one. Moreover, we offer a great deal for the thrill lovers by providing them with several adventurous activities such as glacier hiking, caving, and snowmobiling. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush, consider our Iceland day tours, as we cover various adventurous sports and activities for you to make your day in Iceland a wonderful one.

5. Transportation

We provide a perfect ride for you, which will enable you to have a safe and comfortable ride to Iceland. We use the best vehicles such as super jeeps (4*4 modified truck), and luxury minibuses/SUV, which are big enough and have sufficient space for up to 7 passengers. Moreover, it goes through several safety tests before you step inside it. The super jeeps are specially designed for the off-road tour to the glaciers and exploring the jaw-dropping sights of thorsmork, landmannalaugar, langjokull glacier, and hveravellir.

6. Safety

As safety is the first and foremost priority of human and weather conditions of Iceland are always unpredictable. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that you get a safe Iceland day tour. We are aware of the climate changes in Iceland and suggest you the best traveling conditions according to that. If you are not used to extreme climate change, then it can surprise you with its notoriously changing weather conditions, which include fog, storms, blowing winds, and vertical rains. These changes in the weather also affect road conditions. We provide some professional drivers who are skilled and perfectly trained to drive in extreme weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Day Trips Iceland

While thinking of a day trip to Iceland, you might be having plenty of questions in your mind regarding this fascinating small country. Being the most popular tourist spot in the world, it is full of various natural attractions such as hot springs, glaciers, volcanoes and much more, that will make you go jaw-dropping. To spend a great day in Iceland, there are several new hotels, restaurants for you to have a long comfortable stay. To give you insights into what exciting things Iceland is holding for, here are the most asked questions by the people who wish to spend the best Iceland day tour.

1. How to reach Iceland? 

Iceland has only one airport known as Keflavik International Airport, which services all its international flights. It is located in the southwest of Reykjavik around 31 miles away Moreover, several buses are available at the Reykjavik airport, which goes to nearby places, towns and hotels. so that you will not face any problem in getting a ride if you haven’t booked a seat in advance.

2. Which currency is used in Iceland?

The Icelandic Krona (ISK) is used in Iceland. USD 1 is worth approximately 100 ISK as of 2018.

3. What is the season to visit Iceland?

Iceland offers great experience during both summers as well as winter season. During winters, which is also known as off-season, you can explore the huge glaciers and try various adventurous activities such as snowmobiling and hiking. Winters are the best time to enjoy the northern lights in Iceland, while summers are great for having fun on the beach.

4. What clothes should I pack?

The weather in Iceland changes a lot. So, you need to be ready to face every type of climate change. If you are visiting during the winter, carry almost every protective clothes with you such as a rain-proof jacket, hiking boots, warm hat, gloves, and scarf.

5. What is the best food in Iceland?

The most famous food in Iceland is seafood. Apart from this, lamb and dairy are also loved by the Icelanders.

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Multi Day Private Tours

Multi Day Private Tours

Our Multi-Day Tours Iceland

Discover Iceland offers multi-day private tours for group sizes from 1 to 20 people.  We can customize the multi day tours Iceland package for your needs and wishes to make sure you get the most out of our stay in Iceland.

Contact us now on info@discover.is to handcraft your dream tour in Iceland.

You can pick from our fleet of luxury cars depending on how many people you are and if you would like to have thrilling off road adventure by using one of our heavily modified super jeeps or stay on the normal roads using our luxury Mercedes SUVs.

plan your Iceland private tour

When tailoring the tour we plan all Hotels and activities for your interests and budget.  We work with local partners for each area we travel through and make sure you get the best accommodation for the budget your have.

Our personal driver/guides make sure you learn all about Iceland and its nature and culture.   Our driver guides native Icelanders which take much pride in what they do and hare proud of their country and love to show it.

A part of the stay is to get to know the Icelandic local food and our guides have good knowledge of the local restaurants and what to eat along the way depending on the budget you have for this.

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