Seven Fabulous Spring Adventures to Indulge in Iceland
Iceland Jeep Adventures

Iceland during the spring season, the island nation emerges from the hibernation of winter and transcends into the warm sunlight of the spring. During this time, Iceland smells better and the landscapes getting greener, all thanks to the flowers that bloom during this season. Birds begin to chirp and thus filling Iceland with beauty and music.

Arctic Cotton Landmannalaugar Summer
A place of such contrast! Here in Landmannalaugar we can find Arctic Cotton blooming in the middle of the summer on wetlands, among lava fields. It’s a typical sight in the tundra regions. We call it fífa in Icelandic. In plural it’s fífur.

The country receives millions of visitors all-round the year in the hope of enjoying the world acclaimed ‘Iceland Adventure Tours’. During the spring season, one would be lucky to know that there are comparatively lesser visitors as compared to peak summer seasons where tourists from all over the world flock in to embrace the beauty and adventure of Iceland. Any season of the year, you will need at least a minimum of five to six days to embrace the amazing Iceland adventure tours.

There is a number of activities you can venture upon in this beautiful season of spring in Iceland.

Waterfalls and Hot springs

Hraunfossar Falls

You will find that there are lesser visitors during this season which leave you free roads and more freedom. Drive along the roads to see the waterfalls where the water during this season is the strongest. Listen to the roar of waterfalls and the vapor pouring upwards by the strong winds. You can also enjoy the numerous Hot springs and geysers where waters with great pressure are seen pushing upwards in the form of a fountain.

Glacier Hiking

Glacier HikingGet ready with all the kits as you prepare to hike along the blue glacier which is pure and serene. The experience will leave you breathless and want to hike more and more.

Whale watching

Whale watching

There are boats that fetch people in groups to see the water creature diving in the clear waters. You get so close to the whales and thus giving you an amazing experience.


Snorkeling Iceland

Snorkeling is one of the adventure activities that will leave you wonderstruck. Snorkeling in Iceland means you are literally snorkeling in the deep water between the two continental plates of North America and Europe.

Tour to Thorsmork and Volcano Hiking

Tour to Thorsmork

The valley is considered as a national gem by the Icelanders and is one of the most popular hiking trails in the country. The beautiful valley is composed of wild forest, stunning canyons, and cascading rivers. A recent volcano erupted in this place and since then it has continuously attracted visitors. Hike through the rough volcanic terrain where you can witness the first-hand effects of a colossal eruption mountain and enjoy the view it offers.


Iceland offers you the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of fishing in the rivers as well as lakes. There are designated fishing spots where you can hook for the day. There is a fishing guide to brief you on all important things for fishing.

Ice cave tours

ice cave day tours in Iceland

Be there to see the unmatched beauty of an ice cave. You will need the super jeep to have a better comfort rides up to the ice caves. It is easy for anyone to be immersed in the spectacular view unfolded by the stunning formations.

Iceland has more to offer than you can actually see when you visit this beautiful nation. Firstly the landscape is the foremost thing that wows every visitors. The nation is also packed with amazing adventure activities that are just enough to set your adrenaline high.