Rejuvenate Yourself in Iceland: Wonderland Waiting For You
Discover is a renowned travel agency that arranges thrilling Private Tours in Iceland

When you need to add a completely new and intriguing dimension to your profile as a traveler, exploring Iceland is a great idea. In 2022, there are some new and even more intriguing places one can visit. The country’s response to the pandemic situation has been very effective, prioritizing the safety of the tourists and workers of the travel industry.

Westfjords gets the top rank
Westfjords gets the top rank

Westfjords gets the top rank

In a recent battle of best tourist interest places, conducted by Lonely Planet, Westfjords has attained the top rank as a prime destination to explore in 2022. Discover is a renowned travel agency that arranges thrilling Private Tours in Iceland, where one can easily keep Westfjords in the itinerary.

An off-beat, lovely location

There is no doubt that the beauty of the off-beat terrains of Westfjords is mesmerizing, as you can discover in a Private Tour Iceland. It is unarguably the oldest corner of the country. The amazing thing about the place is it is easily accessible. You can conveniently rent a 4X4 vehicle to drive to the spot. There are plenty of engaging sites in Westfjords that will keep your shutterbug very busy. Moreover, the region does not have the typical touristy crowd.

Sky Lagoon

It is a new geothermal lagoon and modern spa facility. It takes only few minutes’ drive from Reykjavik to reach the spot. The Sky Lagoon has already started to receive excellent reviews. If you are planning to visit the country in 2022, then do not give it a miss.

Hot new Zipline Adventure in peaceful Vik

Vik is a nice, calm region in Iceland. One of the new additions to entertain the tourists is a Zipline Adventure. When you are in search of an adrenaline rush, you can try it, traveling there in 2022.

Experiencing the Northern Lights can be easier
Experiencing the Northern Lights can be easier

Small group tours are trending

The trend in 2022 is all about traveling in small groups. The tourist industry and allied service providers are finding it more profitable and convenient. Also, it is simpler in several respects for the tourists.

There are solo travels, too

Are you a solo traveler? The trends also include solo travels across Iceland. It provides huge flexibility in terms of setting the itinerary. Taking expert advice is recommended. You can enjoy the travel experience to your heart’s content, discovering the scintillating beauty of the country.

Boutique accommodations are now popular

There has been a considerable rise in the demand for boutique accommodations. Especially young travelers are finding it more convenient to choose from select options of reliable boutique accommodations. A top travel agency provides the necessary support on this matter.

Experiencing the Northern Lights can be easier

The next solar cycle has already begun. It will be at its peak between 2023 and 2026. The phenomenon makes it easier to view the incredibly captivating dance of solar dust.

Gather more details and travel

As a passionate traveler, your priority should be to collect more information and straightway consult with a reputable travel agency, and embark on the tour.

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