Read About Iceland Music Festivals
Music festival

Iceland Music festival is famous all over the world. It is quite amazing to experience when you reach here. The travelers have a desire to see beautiful Iceland destinations, if these are accompanied by music then the interest becomes double. There are a lot of celebrities famous from Iceland who aren’t only involved in singing but made a mark in the heart of listeners. Travelers get deeply indulge in the Iceland Music Festival, they used to stay hours together and enjoy the melody and sweetness of the songs. This blog is all about Music Festivals in Iceland.

Iceland Airways Festival has been started from 1999 in Reyjavik airport hangars.  It is a specialty of the festival the crowd has been increased from the date it was started. Every year there is a rise in the viewers of the festivals. Iceland Music festival is one of the eye influencers for travelers. The whole city is so fallen in the festival, it looks like the city lives on the Rhythm of the festival with storefront shown as the concert stages. All the churches and Museums look have made space for drums and musical instruments. If you visit the Reyjavik city don’t miss out this opportunity to see the Music Festival over here.

 Sonar Reykjavik

On the path to the big brother Sonar Barcelona, it was an important step for all electro music lovers. It is also an Iceland Music Festival. The whole arena is arranged so well that all the travelers get outstanding experience from here.  The city is comprised of Harpa halls which are the capital cultural region, the excellence in the sound and light installations have made the city iconic for the viewers. The festival has been started in the year 1913, the top artist of the place are Major Lazer, Paul Kalkbrenner, Jamie XX or Skrillex. With similarity with Iceland airwaves, Sonar festival took place in the darkest times of the year. Because of that, it is not possible to see Northern Lights in the path towards or away of the venue.

Aldrei for eg sudur (Aldrei fór ég Suður)

The creator of the festival was Mugison who along with his father has started this Iceland Music Festival.  The festival has been on track in the year 2004. It happened in the month of Easter where a lot of Icelanders gathers to visit the festival. This has been the greatest source of increasing the population that made the city so famous around the world. As a traveler, you only have to go Isafjorour which is located near northwest of Reykjavik which is 5ookm away. When you reach you will be getting free music. The most important thing about the festival is the artist who performs here does not get paid while there is no ticket to visit the festival. It is meant for giving positive vibes and pleasure to the visitors.


Conclusion: Going on a trip to Iceland so don’t forget to see these festivals because enjoying the beauty of Iceland with the festivals is just a heart-throbbing experience. For more information about Iceland, one can visit the site