Private Ice Cave Tours in Iceland

What are the ice caves? 

Ice caves are the natural process and are formed during the winter. They are known as Crystal Caves because the magnificent light through the blue ice makes them look like crystals. There are many ice caves in Iceland whose appearance and position change every year due to the weather condition. Discover Iceland provides the best Iceland Private Tours. 

The structure or design of the ice caves is not permanent. The seasonal process of melt/freeze has a vast effect on the ice caves and glaciers. During summer, the warm weather removes the existing structure and craft the new caves.

Ice Cave Overnight Tour
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How it is formed? 

In summer, the glacier melts and the meltwater flows inside the glacier and forms the hastening rivers of cold water. Further, the freezing cold rivers flowing inside the glacier form channels through the glacier. 

In winter, the glacier stops melting and as a result, there is no flow of melt Water Rivers. Since during summer meltwater makes passage inside the glacier. The passage and water are still inside and hence the river tunnels look brightly blue crystalline ice caves and are reachable to tourists. With Iceland Private Tours you will get a chance to see these wonderful and amazing ice caves. 

A cave located in Mount Kverkfjöll, North Iceland is very difficult to reach. It was formed by the geothermal activities. Many caves are formed by a combination of seasonal meltwater and hydrothermal heat. 

The Most Famous and Visited Ice Caves are-

The Crystal Ice Cave 

In this cave, you will see many extraordinarily clear quartz-like crystalline freeze water. It is the most popular ice caves and located in Vatnajökull. 

This cave is famous for its great whirls of strong jewel blueness and has an endless aquamarine opening at the end of the cave. It has the largest glacier in Europe. 

It will take you 3 to 4 hours from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon to reach a crystal ice cave. You will discover wonderful glacial scenery while traveling through the Crystal Ice Cave. People travel across the globe to view or to visit this ice cave. Iceland Private Tours provides a special way to experience the crystal ice caves

Katla Ice CaveKatla Ice Cave 

This beautiful ice cave is also located in Vatnajökull. This cave has a beautiful contrast of different colors like pale blue, grey, white, and black and this attractive contrast gives a really dramatic cave to explore. 

This cave also has magnificent light blue ice and has more than two entrances. 

Hiking can be done on the glacier. Iceland Private Tours also provides the hiking facility and with this, you can visit on the glacier. With hiking, you will get a chance to discover the natural Vatnajökull ice cave. 

Into the Glacier Langjökull Tunnel
This is the man-made tunnel inside Glacier Langjökull. The entrance is from the West side of the Glacier.

Langjokull Ice Cave 

It is the second-largest glacier in Iceland. The surprising fact is that this ice cave is man-made. It has incredible patterns on the roof of the ice river and is surrounded by white ice and is layered with grey stripes from the ash of volcanic explosions. This cave is totally dark. Another similar cave is located in Mýrdalsjökull.


FAQ section 

What is the best time to visit ice caves in Iceland? 

You cannot visit ice caves during the summers because the caves are filled with glacier meltwater. Winter season is the best time to visit ice caves and if we talk about the best month then it is from mid-November to mid-March. The chances of collapsing of a glacier are more in summer and hence it is dangerous to visit inside the cave during the summers. 

What should you carry? 

Since the temperature is cold enough hence it is advised that you should keep warm clothes, jackets, hiking boots, a camera, glacier equipment like a helmet, ropes, etc. If you take our Iceland Private tours then our team will provide you with the necessary and required equipment. 

Where the ice caves are located in Iceland? 

Ice caves are located in Vatnajokull National Park in Southeast Iceland. it will take you 4 to 5 hours drive from Reykjavik.


How you can get to the different ice caves? 

Either you can drive yourself, rent a car, or can opt for a bus tour. If you opt for the self-drive then make sure that the car you rent should be a 4 wheel drive because a car with 4 wheel drive features provides better traction control and grip on the icy and rough roads. Iceland Private Tours provides the best vehicles, if you want to go for self-drive or if you want a rented car. 

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