Planning a 7-Day Itinerary for Touring Iceland
Visit the Jokulsarlon glacier

When you plan an itinerary with clear ideas, touring Iceland becomes more intriguing and memorable. Generally, you can explore several tour packages on a professional website of a reliable travel agency. Read the features of a package before choosing and paying for it. It is a better option to interact with experienced travel experts and get details to plan the trip. A 7-day guided trip is a viable option in this regard. It is not too short that you would miss main tourist interest spots. It is not too long before you will struggle with the budget.

It is exciting to drive to Borgarfjordur on day 2

Itinerary exploring the Ring Road

If you don’t want to miss the top sites in your Iceland Private Tours as arranged by a reliable agency like Discover, focus on the Ring Road itinerary. You can also consider its other multi-day tour packages. There are several fascinating regions you can explore and visit numerous spots covering the circular trail of Ring Road.

The itinerary has clear segments giving you an overview of Private Tours in Iceland. There is no trace of confusion. You are always welcome to place your queries with the travel agency conducting the tours. They are friendly and helpful. The experts promptly address your questions removing doubts.

  • You can visit the soothing Blue Lagoon on the very first day of your tour
  • It is exciting to drive to Borgarfjordur on day 2
  • Exploring North Iceland on day 3 is a wonderful step
  • You can visit the beautiful Eastfjords on day 4
  • On day 5, it is convenient to visit the Jokulsarlon glacier
  • Make it a priority to visit the famous Golden Circle on day 6
  • Enjoy the capital city Reykjavik on day 7

Itinerary for South & Western Iceland

There is another smart itinerary you can easily consider if you plan to explore Iceland. You can visit the scintillating southern and western fringes of the country.

  • Keep 3 days to explore Reykjavik and the emphatically lovely South Coast
  • Day 4 and Day 5 should be spent exploring Golden Circle in a detailed way
  • Take your time to discover the pristine beauty of Snaefellsnes Peninsula on day 6 and day 7
Beauty of Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Considering glacier adventure trips

You can also choose the adrenaline-rushing trips to glacial regions of the country during the winter.

  • Focus on exploring the captivating Vatnajokull National Park and the South Shore in the first three days
  • It is intelligent to keep 2 days to visit the Golden Circle and Snaefellsnes Peninsula
  • You can visit lovely West Iceland and the amazing Reykjanes Peninsula on day 6 and day 7

A guided tour is the best option

You can conveniently go on a guided tour to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Iceland. For example, you can opt for something like a multi-day Iceland Panorama tour that covers most of the interesting spots – the Golden Circle, South Coast, Jokulsarlon, East Fjords, Myvatn, Snaefellsnes, and many other destinations.

Consult with veteran travel experts

You can talk to a travel agency professional about your tour plan. Collect valuable information from the expert and dive into the adventure!

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