Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland You Can’t Afford to Miss in Your Iceland Tours

You must have heard about the numerous natural marvels in Iceland you could witness as a tourist. From fjords to black beaches to lava fields to glacial formations – the list is apparently endless. But the beautiful Nordic country is also a abode for a slew of fascinating waterfalls. There are many small and big waterfalls, in the hinterlands of Iceland. Seeing them and capturing in camera is one of the most scintillating activities to enjoy while you are touring the country.


This is one of the less visited waterfalls in Iceland. When a reputed travel agency like DISCOVER plans your Iceland Tours, you have the flexibility to include sightseeing the waterfall in your itinerary. It is in the vicinity of the lovely Mt. Kirkjufell, in the emphatic Snaefellsnes Peninsula. You would have a memorable experience at the spot, especially as a travel photographer, due to the captivating scenic enigma of the place.



If you are keen in witnessing marvelous yet lesser visited waterfalls, then keep Hraunfossar in your priority list when planning itineraries for Iceland Tours. Its location is in the fascinatingly beautiful Borgarfjordur, in regions of West Iceland. The waterfall provides you one of the most spectacular scenic views you could witness in the whole of country.


As the list of waterfalls in Iceland is long, there is no dearth of choices for you, if you extensively focus on visiting both popular and less-visited waterfalls across the terrains of the country. The waterfalls of Bruarfoss are snugly located in Grimsnes, a place in Southwestern fringes of Iceland. The electric blue colors of the waters would strikingly capture your imagination. It is one of the most enthralling locations for nature photographers, in the whole nation.



If one of the itineraries takes you to the magnificent Skaftafell Nature Reserve, then don’t miss visiting the lovely Svartifoss Waterfalls. It is located amidst mystic basalt columns, which have a dark, blackish hue, formed naturally over thousands of years. These blackish hexagonal columns surround the milky white Svartifoss Waterfalls, creating an impeccably enamoring contrast hard to find anywhere else in the world.



It is one of the more famous Waterfalls in Iceland, which receives hundreds of tourists each year from all over the world. It has a historic saga related to it, which tells about the conversion of the country to Christianity. The name is fitting to the saga. It is the only waterfall to feature in the classic route of ‘Diamond Circle’.


Without any speck of doubt, Gullfoss is the most famous of all Waterfalls in Iceland. It is arguably the crown jewel of the heavenly Golden Circle. It is in the vicinity of Geysir geothermal region. Also, Thingvellir National Park is close to it. The mighty glacial river of Hvita in Southern Iceland is its location.

Set up the itinerary

As you already have a nice list, now, it is your duty to set up a good itinerary to witness most of the waterfalls in Iceland.

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