Holding Hands Behind Seljalandsfoss

The term Foss in Icelandic language means waterfall and the Seljalandsfoss on the river Seljalansá, drops 60 m (200 ft) over the cliffs of the former coastline. The waterfall stands out as being a fabulous one, as it is possible to go behind the waterfall and feel its awesone power, and get wet almost certainly.

One can find tourists with raincoats behind the waterfall. If a traveler comes by the ring road, the waterfall becomes visible long before the traveler has reached the spot. The water comes from the infamous volcano and glacier Eyjafjallajökull, which one can see while aproaching this stunning location from the Ring Road. The turn that leads to the waterfall goes all the way into the hiker’s paradise of Thorsmork.

This waterfall on the south coast is really breathtaking and no tourist misses the falls. The Seljalandfoss has had its share of television glory. Along with many videos and being part of many documentaries on Iceland, this water fall was one of the waypoint during the Season 6 of the television series The Amazing Race.

During summer, Icelanders and international tourists do not miss the falls as it is just a 120 kms trip from Reykjavik. Most couples do not miss that romantic moment behind the falling waters of the Seljalandsfoss.

During the winter, the staircase might be shut down as it becomes very slippery and dangerous. But it is lit up. During spring and summer, if one is truly lucky, one can spot a beautiful rainbow and make a wish. The main reason for its fame, as mentioned before, is the path by foot that goes behind it and the sight is truly amazing and very poetic. Being at the Seljalandsfoss is indeed truly mesmerizing. It is to be seen to be believed. Just pictures will not do the job. Just go there.