Reynisdrangar: Queen of non-tropical beaches Beckons

The Basalt Sea Stacks, known as “organ pipes”, under the mountain Reynisfjall on the outskirts of the village Viki Myrdalin the south part of Iceland are called Reynisdrangar. These stacks have their place in Icelandic mythology.

The legend has it that the Basalt Sea Stacks emerged when three trolls dragged a massive three-mast ship to land unsuccessfully. When the Sun came up, they were caught and they turned into needles made of rock.

Trolls have a big role in Norse and Scandinavian mythology. A troll is a being with supernatural powers. Earlier references put a lot of negative connotations to the word ‘Troll’ and it could have been synonymous to the wordJotunn/Jotnar In mythology these trolls were supposed to be dwelling in isolated caves singularly and in groups and were moody and rarely helped humans. Trolls are not baptized and hence considered to be dangerous and never to be trusted.

The beach at Reniysdrangar is just out of this world and is a sheer romantic getaway. Unfortunately the beach experience here is highly underrated and the beach is compared to other beaches in the world. The Vik beach is unique. If you are driving from Reykjavik, you have to turn off, just before the Ring Road winds around a big hill to reach the small and quaint town of Vik. From the town the beach is a five minute drive. Once you get down from your vehicle at the parking lot, you see black volcanic sand and at times they play with your eyes and turn grey. Tourists should be cautious while attempting to climb and trying to get close to the puffins during summer.

The climb can be very slippery and there have been many casualties. Round the cliff from the puffins is a magnificient basalt cave, which a high tide may cut off the viewer as the waves crash on the shore. If one looks to the west, one can see the natural rock arch of Dyrholey. This beach is viewer’s dream come true. The Islands Magazinehas rated it as the most beautiful non-tropical beach in the world.