Kirkjufell is a beautiful mountain on Snæfellsnes peninsula is  one of the the most popular mountain for photography in Iceland. Danish sailors called the mountain Sukkertoppen what can to translated to “the sugar mountain”. it is located on the north side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula and near to the town Grundarfjörður. It is 463 meters high. It is possible to climb the mountain for very experienced climbers but it’s not recommended without a guidance, because in some rare cases people have fallen to death. On the other hand, it’s a good idea and more realistic plan to walk around the mountain and that takes about 3 hours to do so.

The formation of Kirkjufell and other mountains in the neighbourhood can be traced to the latter part of the ice age, when glaciers and rivers exert all its power to the rupture zone. The ice age started for about 2.600.000 years. It is believed that landscape northern Snæfellsnes was mainly formed during the past million years.