Iceland Tour – Explore the Countless Magical Sights and Natural Gems

Get the experience of your lifetime by visiting Iceland. Rely on the expertise of a reliable tour operator and select your vacation package from a wide range of choices. Get top quality services from these professionals and enjoy a memorable holiday.

Do you want to see the Northern Lights on a still winter night? Then one of the best places for viewing these celestial wonders is the Nordic island nation that is Iceland. Get a thrilling experience by going in for northern lights hunting under the guidance of one of the specialized tour agencies. Grab the opportunity of a lifetime by going in for the nightly sightings of the aurora borealis. Realize that dream of yours by choosing a reliable tour operator.

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Iceland Weather Chart

It is a wise idea before you plan your Iceland tour to run a check of the current local weather conditions. The climatic patterns vary in different parts of the island. Compared to the northern coast the southern coast is warmer and windier. Snowfall is a common occurrence in the north than the south. Icelandic weather is quite unpredictable by nature.

Month Average high (in centigrade) Average low (in centigrade)


January 1.9 -3.0
February 2.8 -2.1
March 3.2 -2.0
April 5.7 0.4
May 9.4 3.6
June 11.7 6.7
July 13.3 8.3
August 13.0 7.9
September 10.1 5.0
October 6.8 2.2
November 3.4 -1.3
December 2.2 -2.8

Iceland Vacations

If you are passionate about viewing things through lens, then the top Vacation in Iceland should include a photography tour. It is a good way of discovering the spirit of this country.

  • Northern Lights

Many people travel to Iceland during the summer season that is from May to August. During this season you can enjoy long daylight hours. There are quite a few people who love to travel to this nation during the month of December to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. The stunning display of lights is bright at this time of the year due to increased solar activity. You can observe these lights better if you move away from the city.

A unique combination of nature, history and culture will make this one day tour a memorable experience. Take a walk along the Thingvellir National Park and explore the geographical wonders and Glacier Langjökull. Get drenched by the popular Gullfoss waterfall. You can even catch a shimmering rainbow on a sunny day at this site. Get ready to be awestruck with the spraying of boiling water by the Geysir Strokkur.

When to visit and when not to visit Iceland

People who are comfortable with warmer temperature prefer visiting during the summer season. Hikers like the months of July and August whereas September, October, February and March are suitable for those individuals whose sole target is the viewing of Northern lights. If you want to pay a visit in winter then you should take appropriate thermal gear. Make sure that your photography equipment can withstand the weather variations of this place. If you are a wildlife photographer then winter season is not the best time for you. Most of the wildlife flies out to the warmer regions during this season.

What Happens When In Iceland

The Icelandic weather is known all across the globe for its unpredictable weather. You can catch the midnight sun in the summer. Even though accommodations are expensive at this time of the year you will be able to save substantially if you plan the trip well in advance. The prices are lower in the winter season. You can take a dip at the volcanic hot springs while viewing the Northern Lights display in winter.

Avoid the crowds in Iceland

If you want to avoid crowds then you should hit the road early. You will have an upper hand if you can start as early as 3:00am in the summer season. If you stay out late you will also be able to avoid crowds. Travel in the winter season to get a different perspective of this stunning landscape. You can also avoid the throng of tourists in this way.

Choose an efficient tour operator

You should conduct detailed research on the internet to find tour operators who have specialized knowledge about Iceland. Go through the reviews posted by the past customers to make sure that the company provides reliable services.