How To Manage Expenses During A Trip To Iceland

Iceland is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world right now. However, it comes with a massive price tag attached to almost everything. The prices quoted by the hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars will make you think that you’ll return home penniless. Nevertheless, everything in Iceland will be worth every dime that you spend. After all, the fanaticism for Iceland among travelers isn’t going to hit a wall anytime soon. It’s evident from the fact that the number of tourists is increasing every year. Then again, it doesn’t make sense to empty your pockets during your stay in the Land of Fire and Ice. So, what can you do to save your money?

Mercedes GL
Iceland Private Tour in Mercedes GL

Avoid hotels: An excellent way to save money in Iceland is to avoid staying in hotels. Most hotels are in Reykjavik and along the Ring Road. All of them are very expensive. If you can avoid hotels, then you will be able to save money for the Super Jeep Tours in Iceland that you can book from You can have a much more affordable yet comfortable experience in guesthouses. These complexes are small and they usually consist of reasonably-priced cabins. Some of them even serve breakfast.

Go for a smaller car: A few our Iceland Private Tours cars are pocket-friendly. Now, specific areas in the country require you to drive a four-by-four. Without such an SUV, you won’t be able to stray far from the Ring Road. Then again, hiring a four-by-four is going to bite off a huge chunk from your funds. That’s why you should go for a smaller vehicle. While you will miss a few things, you can drive along the Ring Road and see enough waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and geysers.

Iceland Super Jeep Tours

Drink water from taps: If you choose to buy water bottles in Iceland, then you’ll run out of money too fast. Fortunately, tap water in Iceland comes from clean, natural springs. The water is safe enough for anyone to drink. However, you should let the tap run for a few seconds before taking a sip. Otherwise, you have to taste the sulfuric smell. You won’t need anything more than a refillable water bottle and drink water without paying for it during the entire trip.

Buy duty-free alcohol: No matter where you go, you won’t get a free drink in bars and restaurants. A standard mixed drink is quite costly. Instead of a bar, you should buy alcoholic beverages in bulk at markets. The prices are much more tangible there, but markets, where you can get alcohol, are few and far between, to say the least. You can also consider buying alcohol at the duty-free stores at the airport.

Icelandic dinners

Snacking instead of dining: You deserve to treat yourself with one or two Icelandic dinners. Then again, you need to restrict yourself to one or two dinners only. Otherwise, you might have to wonder why your wallet feels light. Instead of spending money at restaurants, you should stop at gas stations and have sandwiches there. Don’t forget to stock up on snack items. You can also cook your own meals now and then.

To conclude

It does seem a better option to book a bus tour from Reykjavik. However, Iceland is one such destination that deserves exploring with as much freedom as possible. That’s why you should go with a travel agency that offers private tour packages. Or, you can rent and drive your own vehicle.

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