How to Choose the Perfect Jeep for Your Iceland Road Trip?

You’re all set up and ready to plan the road trip of Iceland, but the mode of transportation is bothering you. You’re in the right place because here you will learn about a travel agency that caters to its customers with super jeeps. The term ‘super jeep’ can be difficult for you to understand. The hefty price tag makes you raise your eyebrow, but they are costly for several good reasons. There is no other vehicle in all of Iceland that can tread over its soil as efficiently as a super jeep. The travel agency modifies the vehicles heavily so that it can scale glaciers and highlands with equal ease.

Large tires: The land of fire and snow receive snowfall, and if you’re visiting in winter, most four-wheelers will have trouble plying through the sheets of snow. The large tires of these four-by-four SUVs that you will see when you book Super Jeep Tours by will conquer the snow-clad streets. They will rule the roads and pathways without slipping or skidding. The measurement of the tires lies between thirty-eight and forty-six inches in diameter.

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High ground clearance: The vehicles stand high above the ground level due to the humungous tires. You may not realize it, but this large ground clearance is also a necessity. The mechanisms of any car or SUV will cease to operate if they get too cold or accumulate snow. When the engine is on, the systems remain warm, but if it touches the snow on the ground, it may stop operating. All the vehicles used on the Super Jeep Tours in Iceland have an extra step that will aid you in climbing.

Lights and gears: If you want to see the famous Northern Lights of Iceland then you will have to get out at night. The winters can be tolerable but roughen the surroundings. To witness the show of the Aurora Borealis in the sky you need to get to higher ground. A super SUV will be able to take the most dangerous roads at night because of the extra front lights. Each vehicle has gears according to the time measurements.

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Other amenities: The SUVs of this travel agency is full of amenities including a hundred percent four-by-four drive locker, reshaped and re-contoured bodies, wide fender flares, modified suspensions, air compressors, fire extinguishers, ropes, shovels, and other indispensable equipment needed to scale the roughest of spots in Iceland.

A full fleet: You should be able to contemplate the maintenance necessities of a single super jeep. The travel agency mentioned earlier in this topic serves you with a fleet of ten modified super SUVs. They are all luxurious and can accommodate about nine passengers. Anyone of these vehicles can go off-road without compromising on comfort.

Super Jeep Tours in Iceland
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About the travel company

The travel organization operating within the country is a family-run agency that specializes in high-end trips for elite clients. If you are a more demanding traveler who wants to explore to the fullest without canceling out comfort, then this is the best travel agency you will find. It operates tours on four-by-four monster trucks and minibuses as well. The company came into existence about nine years ago when a couple of volcanoes erupted, and people wanted to see the event up close. The owners introduced the travelers to high-end and powerful SUVs, and it is a service that the company still provides.