Exploring Gorgeous Volcanoes of Iceland

Travelling to Iceland is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience. The popularity of this small Nordic country has significantly leaped forward in recent years, as a global destination. The pandemic did wane the enthusiasm temporarily, but the craze for visiting this beautiful nation is gaining steam again. As a tourist, your obvious interest lies in various fjords, lovely green terrains, icebergs, sea coasts, the nightlife of Reykjavik, etc, and there is nothing wrong with it. But, did you know, you could explore some of the deadliest and most magnificent volcanoes of the world in this floating nation? Read on.

The natural appearance of volcanic sites

The natural appearance of volcanic sites

The Icelandic volcanoes create a starkly contrasting and picturesque panorama, in the backdrop of an otherwise dull skyline. The Private Tours in Iceland, organized by top-class travel agency Discover, arrange for volcanic site visits availing affordable packages. You witness the intimidating interplay of lava layers, coated with moss, in vast craters. The jagged mountainous peaks seem imposing, too. The occasional black smoke creates a mystic environment, adding a unique dimension to surroundings.

Will the pandemic negatively impact your tour?

A question might be lingering in your mind – how easy or safe or convenient it is to visit and explore a volcanic site in Iceland when the pandemic is still at large? The good news is – you are free to participate in a Private Tour Iceland, but with necessary precautions, maintain the guidelines of the concerned authorities. The travel agencies might be organizing a lesser number of trips to volcanic sites, but their nicely tailored plans do accommodate interested tourists. You would likely travel to the site in a small group of enthusiasts, and not spend a lot of time. Nevertheless, the experience would be intriguing and more importantly, safe.

Number of volcanoes in the nation

Number of volcanoes in the nation

Are you wondering about the total number of volcanoes in Iceland? Well, if you go by the official records, then there are 130 volcanoes. Most of them are in a dormant stage. Approximately 30 volcanic sites are still active. It means they could erupt at any given moment. Westfjords, the oldest geographical landmass in the nation, does not have an active volcano. This is a huge factor why the region depends on electricity, not underground geothermal activity, to heat its water.

The most recent eruption

Eruptions fall under two categories – the first type could be known and the second type is sub-glacial, and could only be guessed. The volcanic eruption at Holuhraun in the year 2014 is officially recorded as the most recent eruption in known records (not sub-glacial). In 2010, the eruption at Eyjafjallajökull causes lots of troubles for the people of the country.

Number of volcanoes in the nation

Are these eruptions dangerous?

The threat, from a practical viewpoint, is minimal. As a tourist, you don’t have to worry about such eruptions. Moreover, the organizers mainly take you to the dormant volcanic sites, which are not active anymore.

Book a tour package

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