Discovering the Scintillating Charm of Blue Lagoon in a Private Tour to Iceland

When you chalk out the main destinations across Europe to spend a memorable vacation, invariably Iceland tops the list, due to its exotic beauty and mystic elements. There are multiple natural marvels in the nation that attract thousands of tourists across the world, each year, throughout the year. Here are some of the most exciting facts and figures about Blue Lagoon that might interest you when you visit the place in one of the vacation tours.

Private Tour Iceland organized and administered by Discover
Blue Lagoon creates beautiful contrast effect

A captivating destination

In the Private Tour Iceland organized and administered by Discover, you would instantly realize the fascinating elements of Blue Lagoon – included in the list of 25 top global wonders in terms of natural beauty.

  • It boasts off a lovely, hot spring.
  • The place also has a plush, outdoor spa. Blue Lagoon creates beautiful contrast effect with its azure clean water and dark igneous rocks.
  • You can enjoy a dip in the lagoon in one of the Private Tours Iceland, with a mocktail in your hand and a panoramic view in front of you.
  • You can get therapeutic massages from experts at the location, rejuvenating your spirits
Iceland Private Tours
The utility of the lagoon water

The utility of the lagoon water

One of the chief attractions of Iceland Private Tours is the lagoon water which is rich in many kinds of minerals.

  • It is therapeutically beneficial to a person who aims to improve the skin health.
  • The water of blue lagoon is rich in silica and also abundant in sulfur
  • Juices of certain medicinal algae plants also get mixed with the water of blue lagoon
  • The water is extremely effective in treating serious skin disease condition such as psoriasis
  • The water of the lagoon also renews itself frequently in due course of time
  • It elevates your bathing experience to a significant extent

The temperature of Blue Lagoon

It is intelligent to know a fact or two regarding the temperature of Blue Lagoon before you jump into its water and enjoy the magic it has to offer you. You would be quite astonished to know that throughout the year, the temperature of waters at Blue Lagoon varies from 37 to 40 degree Celsius. The range does not get affected with the month or extremity of weather conditions. From an overall perspective, there is rarely any fluctuation that you would experience.

Reykjanes Peninsula
Reach Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik

The location of the lagoon

When you plan an itinerary, it is important to set every detail in place so that you don’t find it difficult to reach the destination. It is practically easy to reach Blue Lagoon.

  • Located in southwest fringes of Iceland
  • Located in Reykjanes Peninsula
  • It takes approximately a 30-minute drive to reach Blue Lagoon from Reykjavik
  • From the Keflavik International Airport, it takes about 15 minutes to reach Blue Lagoon

Where to Stay

There are some top accommodations in the area that you can book to thoroughly enjoy your stay at the place. You can consult with expert travel agents in this context. The superlative quality of the accommodation adds more value and convenience to your tour.

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