Do u know any of the popular people that actually belong from Iceland? Are you a fan of any Icelandic celebrities? This blog is for all those who love to read about the famous people

Iceland is known for its beautiful landscapes as it is full of mountains, glaciers, beaches, and falls. In southern Iceland, there are the largest high ice caps. Approx 11% of Iceland is covered with glaciers

While doing your research on for your first trip to Iceland, it may be hard to decide which activities and attractions should make it to your list. This country is a land of contrasting landscapes

The Golden Circle features some of the most stunning natural marvels of Iceland. Besides the way, you can explore glaciers and volcanoes that are not stated the wonderful Þingvellir. This way has been a preferred

If you’re getting ready for your excursion to Iceland these Iceland travel tips are certain to assist your travel to Iceland. Iceland is one of the wonderful destinations in the world at present. It’s an