Celebrate your Christmas in great fun with private tours in Iceland
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When Christmas is around the corner, it would be a strikingly intelligent decision to visit Iceland to explore its ravishing wintery landscape. It can be thoroughly guaranteed that Christmas in Iceland has a singular shade – glittering white. You would be roaming in a fairyland, mesmerized in the spotless beauty of this peaceful, friendly country.

The Christmas vibes of Reykjavík

Most of the Iceland Tours include Reykjavík in their itineraries, providing you ample opportunities to explore the various tourist spots of the city. Ice skating in Tjornin, the Reykjavik city pond is an interesting activity to get engaged. You may also go for an unforgettable whale-watching tour. You can also go to the Open Air Museum at Árbæjarsafn,

Having modified super jeep on a glacier is a great experience

What to do and where shall you visit

Make it a priority to visit the exquisitely wonderful South Coast during Christmas in winter self-drive tours. You have the provision to explore an ice cave. Top-rated travel companies also conduct tours for the world-famous Golden Circle in Iceland.  The Golden Circle Tours let you hire a robust jeep or a luxury van, and drive through the wonderfully mystic terrains and sinuous roads of the country. Christmas is the time when you can merrily snowmobile through the snow-clad valleys in Iceland. You would also witness the almost frozen Gullfoss Falls in the Golden Circle area. Experiencing the emphatic geothermal activity around the placid Laugarvatn Lake in the Private Tours in Iceland is a memorable experience, too. You can also drive to the magnificent Snaefellsnes peninsula where you will have an opportunity to admire the marvellous Mount Kirkjufell.


The Icelandic Yule Lads come to town 13 days before Christmas

The 13 Yule Lads

Christmas lasts for 26 days in Iceland, from December 11 to January 6. The lovely country has not one, not two, but 13 Santa Clauses, who are also known as Yule Lads. The festive season begins when the first Yule Lad merrily arrives in the town 13 days prior to Christmas Eve.

Where shall you stay?

You can stack some delicious food from a local grocery and book a secluded cabin from some trusted websites to add a romantic angle to your stay. If you wish, then you can have a hot tub facility and a fireplace to make your stay more remarkable.

The Icelandic Christmas tradition and food

The biscuit based and chocolate cream-filled sweet named ‘Sara’, named after the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt, is a popular dish during this time. Try to witness an Icelandic Christmas custom where construct a heath with fir tree branches, pine cones, etc and place 4 candles on it. You light the first candle on the first Sunday in Advent and continue doing so in for other candles in following Sundays.

The Icelandic Christmas dinner

Hangjikot, commonly known as the Hung Meat, is a mouth-watering dish prepared with smoked lamb. It is usually served with a potato-based sauce called uppstufur, and a non-alcoholic drink called jolaol.

Christmas in is a great destination to spend the Christmas

Plan and celebrate

There is no harm in consulting with a reliable tour operator over the phone, or via e-mail. Discuss the various travel packages before you decide to make your Christmas celebration a gala Icelandic event.