Celebrate New Year in Iceland Enjoying a Fascinating Itinerary
Private Tours in Iceland

Traveling to Iceland during the winter holiday season is a lifetime experience. The country glitters in X-Mas lights and there are tender feelings in the air. It is crucial to be sure about an itinerary to explore the beautiful country to your heart’s content.

Private Tours in Iceland
When you priority is enjoying a gala time participating in New Year’s Celebration.

Focus on Reykjavik

When you priority is enjoying a gala time participating in New Year’s Celebration, it is best to spend quality time in the capital city Reykjavik. Discover, a top-notch travel agency known for arranging Private Tours in Iceland in a customized manner, can be a reliable guide. You will thoroughly enjoy your stay in the lovely country, without any hassles.

Travel to Reykjavik from Airport

There will be airport transfers you can avail in a Private Tour Iceland. In many cases, the tour operator will take care of it. It doesn’t take more than an hour to reach the capital from the Keflavik International Airport.

Overnight stay at a premium hotel

You will know about the hotel details before the real start to the tour. The travel agency will give you relevant information. Be aware of the itinerary details to stay organized during the trip. In most cases, you will be staying at a premium hotel in Reykjavik.

A busy day of touring

It is wise to start early if you want to explore Reykjavik and its outskirts in a detailed manner. There will be a professional guide with the touring team. He is certified and has many years of experience. You will have an immersive experience visiting to several places in Reykjavik and beyond.

Visiting the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist spots in Iceland. You can start your exploration by visiting the lovely place. The pristine beauty of the place is bound to mesmerize you.

Reykjanes Peninsula

It is yet another scintillatingly captivating tourist spot in Iceland that you must prioritize to visit during your New Year trip to the country. The raw, natural terrains of the place are treats to one’s eyes. Do not forget to click photos of the enchanting place.

Never miss the Golden Circle
One can never overlook the sheer magnetic charm of the Golden Circle.

Never miss the Golden Circle

One can never overlook the sheer magnetic charm of the Golden Circle. Not visiting the spot means the tour remains incomplete. Keep it among the top priorities in the itinerary. Visit the Thingvellir National Park and the mystic Geysir geothermal areas.

Witness the Northern Lights

A professional guide will give you the best instructions about catching glimpses of the magical dance of the solar dust, known as the Northern Lights. You need to choose the right spot to watch it. A clear sky and ample patience will make you view the Northern Lights.

Hop in bars and eateries in Reykjavik

Once you have completed seeing the other parts of the country, enjoy roaming Reykjavik, especially during evenings and late nights. The glitter of New Year’s Celebration will capture your imagination and you will sink in energetic vibes.

Plan immediately

What are you waiting for? Gear up and get in touch with a top-rated tour operator. Start your plans!

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