The Best Place and Time to Travel to Iceland: Why Visit Iceland?

Thinking about Iceland travel? If you have no idea what Iceland is famous about, then, it is the nation which has experienced an eruption of tourism, due to its heavenly and mesmerizing beauty and landscapes of ancient glaciers and rugged fjords. It is one of the most hotly contested places of tourism. It has innumerable places to travel and things to do as entertainment- the place will leave you open-mouthed and crave for more even after your trips to Iceland expired!

Iceland’s capital Reykjavik is viewed as among the best sorted out, cleanest, and the most secure urban city worldwide. The city has a variety of sights to see, with museums and galleries which are open all year from collections (show work from nearby craftsmen, artists, and poets) to the museums dedicated to the national historic relevance. There are unlimited areas to explore including national parks and geothermal pools which definitely make your Iceland travel more memorable!

Here are the best and the most recommended places you should not miss in your trips to Iceland on this magical land:

The Northern Lights

Viewing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Winter is the most popular season here when the mountains and fields are covered in new snow. The lakes and waterfalls harden over and the Northern Lights set up a great show, enlightening the skies in various parts of the nation. This is especially substantial in the midst of the Christmas season when entire urban regions, towns are lit up with twinkling lights.  It is also called Aurora Borealis, a celestial natural phenomenon that can be well sighted from here. The northern lights accompanied by Super jeep adventure, is one of the tourist attractions that triggers tourists to make them want to travel to Iceland.

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Glymur Waterfall 


Glymur is the country’s second-tallest waterfall and the effectively tallest in terms of going on feet. Situated in the fjord of Hvalfjörður, it remains at a stature of 198 meters (650 feet). To get to the carpark of Glymur, from which you can climb to it, takes around forty-five minutes if driving from Reykjavík in our super jeep. As a feature of Hvalfjörður in west Iceland, numerous different destinations can be found related to Glymur. It is near the settlements of Akranes and Borgarnes, the two of which are business focuses of the district, flawless to invigorate. This incredible waterfall is one of the best stops during your Iceland travel because of its amazing picturesque.

The Blue Lagoon Spa

plan your iceland private tour

Who wouldn’t value a precious stone blue, geothermal water with encompassed by an entrancing snow-shrouded volcanic rock? The sulfur-and silica-rich water of the Blue Lagoon is known for its typical and recovering forces. It isn’t such an issue to find a trademark hot tub since geothermal essentialness heats up homes, showers, and pools, both open and private. In practically every town in the country, you can find a geothermic outside open pool in every house of the society. Also, there are geothermic hot springs worked in the field, settling in caves. You can likewise visit an out spa with lodging, an eatery and dinner offices.

The Grand Golden Circle

The acclaimed Golden Circle is found very near Reykjavik so it is a must-visit place when you travel to Iceland.

It is the most well-known vacationer place which draws in the most guests who come for Iceland travel. It is spread around 300 kilometers down south of the nation. Discover Iceland has five amazing stops amid the Golden Circle Private tour. These are the places you should not hesitate to visit in your trips to Iceland:

  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Thingvellir National Park –

It is situated around 45 min far from Reykjavik and this is the primary stop on the Golden Circle visit. This national park offers you stunning perspectives and a chance to stroll between two tectonic plates!

Great Geyser

Strokkur hot spring

Have you ever seen hot spring water gushing out of the earth and rise up several meters high in the sky? If not, then, do not miss the opportunity of taking a glimpse at this nature’s beautiful occurrence in your Iceland travel.

  • Kerid Crater – We suggest you should stop by a Kerid cavity. This crater is extraordinary in light of the fact that it is filled up with water.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is Iceland’s most profound and most fantastic frozen lake, cherished by visitors, photographers, explorers – even the world’s well-known Hollywood super-spies. Jokulsarlon lagoon forms the part of Vatnajökull National Park and has turned out to be a standout amongst nation’s most prominent attractions. Jokulsarlon multiplied in size somewhere in the range of 1975 and 1998. It currently covers 7 square miles – and is increasing each year. The Icelandic word Jökulsárlón means “glacier’s river lagoon”. This would totally be a different experience in your Iceland travel.

Ice Cave

Ice caves are spectacular special structures that will spellbind all who travel to Iceland. There are nearly ten incredible ice caves to see in your Iceland travel. So, ensure you book well ahead of time to not get disappointed. Ice caves are certain to make an enduring experience of a mini frozen world in cool blue light. The most visited caves are Vatnajokull ice caves, Langjokull ice cave, Breiðamerkurjökul ice cave, Skaftafellsjokull ice cave etc. Vatnajokull ice cave is the biggest ice cap in Europe, covering about 8100 square kilometers. The ice of this ice cave is up to 1000 meters thick at a few spots.

Besides these places, Discover Iceland travel offers you with myriad activities to keep you lively and thrilled all day long- Snowmobile and reindeer encounter, exploring lava tubes, Horseback riding, and Whale and puffin watching are a few to mention.

Landmannalaugar, Glacier Park, Raufarholshellir and Hornbjarg are also top places people love to visit during their trips to Iceland. Have you ever dreamt of walking inside of a cave surrounded and covered by Ice? Well! Do not ever make the mistake of not taking a glance and walking under Ice Caves.

Urriðafoss is amongst the waterfall we visit during our South Coast tours.

Best time to travel Iceland 

Summer is an extraordinary time for Iceland travel since it is a perfect spot for whale watching, climbing, and investigating the various outside excursions that this place brings to the table. The natural wonder, Midnight Sun occurs in the summer months in which the sun never completely sets and stays obvious 24 hours every day, that is something you’re going to remember all your life.

The best time to encounter the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), and (watch the exquisite multi-hued spirals of superb light which paints the sky) is when you travel to Iceland in the winter season. Explorers from around the world swarm the Icelandic shores to get a look at this stunning and exceptional regular display.

Regardless of when you are going for Iceland travel, you will appreciate this astounding country with its warm and cordial locals, natural phenomenon and rich culture.

No matter what month it is, there is no denying this island is not seasonal, but it always gives the best experience irrespective of the season of trips to Iceland. You will encounter good and bad weather in every season. June, July and August are Iceland’s warmer months with the most daylight and is regarded as summer months. People usually prefer this season and is regarded as the best time for Iceland travel, but like mentioned earlier, Iceland is always thrilling.

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How to explore the beauty of Iceland?

The most awesome approach to explore and experience the beautiful landscape of Iceland is via a car or super jeep. Renting a vehicle is a basic way to tour around the city and outskirts as well. The better option for travel to Iceland is to take a local guide along with the car as you will get to know many interesting and fun facts about Iceland. The well-known Ring Road is the primary route that circles the whole country. It’s the best way of seeing the numerous nature’s landscapes like waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, etc. You will be glad to know that the off-road tour to the glaciers and highlands is also pretty amazing. One should go for the off-road if they are coming for the multi-day trips to Iceland.

When you are making a plan to travel to Iceland, you should know that there are limited automatic car rental companies, so if you don’t know how to drive a car or not enough handy to drive the car in the rough routes, then you should book your super jeep ahead of time to guarantee you get a vehicle with a trained driver guide.

Images from Snæfellsnes, one of the most beautiful parts of Iceland

What should you carry with yourself during travel to Iceland?

It does not matter when you’ve arranged your trips to Iceland, pack every kind of clothing, for all the four seasons. You can’t decide what will be the weather in Iceland, it’s better to be prepared for every situation — and you will get a variety of clothing options.

But, specifically, if you are planning to travel to Iceland in winter months, what you need to pack?

  • Gloves and Hat

During winters, the average temperature drops down to (-10) degree Celsius in Iceland. Even if you don’t feel too much cold inside the hotel, but there is chilling wind blows that can freeze the hand. Do not forget to bring windproof gloves and hat. It is even better if the gloves are waterproof as you would need it during snowmobiling and hiking adventure.

  • Warm Jackets

As it is quite obvious, you must bring windproof and waterproof jackets that can keep you enough warm during your trips to Iceland. You can also these jackets after coming to Iceland, but it may cost you extra bucks. Although a jacket can be used in every season of the year.

  • Shoes or Boots

This is also one of the mandatory things that you must bring when you travel to Iceland. Regardless of whether you’re not anticipating doing much climbing or hiking in Iceland, I will propose you have a decent pair of hiking boots or strolling shoes that are waterproof – particularly for winter trips to Iceland.

  • Thermals

In the month of December and January, you will definitely need thermal innerwear to cope with the cold. The people who are coming from countries like USA, Canada, Norway, they won’t feel much cold here. Also, you should pack an extra pair of thermal pants if by any chance it gets wet during the glacier hiking.

  • Swimwear

This you should not forget. Even during the winters, there are natural and artificial geothermal pools all around Iceland. The pools are the place where you can relax and get warmth. The very famous, Blue Lagoon attracts lots of people to travel to Iceland in winters. Bring along towel which will be used after taking a warm bath in the pool.

  • Camera

If you are a photographer or a travel blogger, this place is a total paradise for you. This country has many of the loveliest places of the Earth, which needs to be captured for memories. There is a huge probability of experiencing Northern Lights during your Iceland travel in winters. The sights, landscapes, nature; all are so astonishing that you will have a wonderful stay.

Footwear Clothing Iceland Hiking Shoes
The correct footwear is very important when you come to Iceland, specially if you’ll be doing some hiking. You need proper hiking boots with ankle protection and a thick sole, such as you can see in this picture.

Why travel to Iceland?

By now you already know why people make trips to Iceland for their holiday destination. Its ethereal and aesthetic beauty is the central reason for the attraction.

Here are a few reasons why you should plan a travel to Iceland.

  • The amazing hot springs.
  • The best place to go camping.
  • Family friendly.
  • Lake Pingvallavatn, where you can take the best dive of your life into the clear water of the lake.
  • Best for horseback rides and cycling.

Iceland travel is a lifetime experience you will never get over with. It is a place where you keep finding new things after every exploration and would leave a scar of beauty in your heart forever!