6 Best Hot Springs in Iceland to Experience a Warm Dip
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Hot springs in Iceland are proven to be an effective way to straighten out your muscles after a long chilly day. Moreover, the warming sensation helps to relieve stress and tiredness, hence, it is perfect to acquire relaxation. Iceland is popularly known for its hot springs, which can be found either in the middle of the road or inside famous spas. These naturally occurred hot springs in Iceland are geothermally heated to provide hot bath to tourists. However, there are some types of hot springs, which are dangerous to take a dip in because of there excessive hot water, otherwise visiting Iceland and exploring the hot springs would be a memorable and wonderful experience for you.

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The tradition of hot spring in Iceland has been followed since the Viking times. Over the years, Iceland has become a popular bathing spot for tourists all over the world, where the warm sensations of the hot springs help to cool down their minds. In accordance with the popularity it holds, dozens of swimming pools have been built all over the country including seventeen pools in greater Reykjavík alone. The boiling water of hot spring in Iceland is geothermal, it is delivered to the people’s home from the grounds. Hot springs in Iceland are developed naturally in various sizes and shapes. Unlike the naturally occurred hot springs, some pools are developed with a little bit of human help. These hot springs have changed the culture, where swimming was enjoyed only during the summer season. Now, swimming can also be enjoyed by dipping into hot water with snowflakes falling on your face.
Here are the top 9 hot springs in Iceland that will blow your mind during your Iceland private tours:

  • The Blue Lagoon: This hot spring tops the list, as it is the most famous swimming pool found in Iceland. With a perfect temperature of 38-39°C, this naturally occurred milky blue water is rich in minerals including silica and algae, which makes it perfect for winter baths. However, the lagoon was not developed naturally, it resulted accidentally by man-made construction in 1976. The lagoon has been made world-famous ever since the first man tried bathing in it during 1981. Moreover, the Blue Lagoon has found its name in the ‘The Top 25 Wonders of the World’ by National Geographic. Currently, the Blue Lagoon is the most viable option if you think of exploring hot springs in Iceland.
  • GeoSea Sea Baths: Unlike the other hot tubs and swimming pools around the country, GeoSea Sea Baths are considered unique as it is geothermally heated seawater rather than spring water, which means this it consists of salt and a variety of minerals in it. This hot bath is located in Húsavík, which is also known as the whale-watching capital of Europe. This newly built hot spring in north Iceland is a small restaurant with an outdoor terrace giving a spectacular view of landscapes along with refreshments and modern changing facilities.

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  • Myvatn Nature Baths: This appealing spa has milky blue water the same as the Blue Lagoon, which makes it a preferred option when it comes to exploring hot springs in Iceland. It is more suitable for those on a long journey or planning to visit the northern part of Iceland as it far from Reykjavík, taking a total time of about six hours one way.

It also provides various facilities such as a good shower and refreshments along with the stunning nature surrounding the spa. Myvatn Nature Baths will surely make a wonderful memory for those who are planning to experience hot spring in Iceland.

  • Fontana Geothermal Baths: Fontana Geothermal Baths are located near the Laugarvatn lake on the hot zone, which is known for providing hot water to people’s houses for basic necessities such as cooking and bathing since 1929. The sand between the bath and the lake is always warm, which makes it a more unique hot spring in Iceland.

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  • Hrunalaug Hot Spring: Whenever you plan a trip, always keep Hrunalaug Hot Spring on the chart. Situated in the mountains of South Iceland, this spa provides a small and soothing atmosphere. The infrastructure is slightly small and looks like a bathtub rested on the edge of a cliff. It is more popular among the locals who visit this spa on their weekends. The advantage of it being small is that the tourist can have the whole place with themselves during the soak.
  • Grettislaug Hot spring: Along with the rejuvenating water, Grettislaug Hot spring also provides spectacular mountains, oceans, and nearby island views.

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