The Best Guide to Reykjavik, as Wonderfully Weird as Ever

Reykjavik, the capital-city is situated in the northernmost part of the world. It is the cultural hub of Iceland and along with the showcase of tradition the city is also the perfect place for night-lovers because of an extraordinary nightlife. More than half of the country’s population resides within or around the city whereas the other parts are sparsely populated.


Apart from a modern way of life, the city has everything starting from museums to restaurants, pools and beaches where the events are never ending. The display of classical features is what makes the city even more distinctive than any other in the world.

Plan for private tours in Iceland straight from Reykjavik city

Plan your private Iceland adventure tour or simply walk the city by foot and you’ll definitely have a splendid time amidst natural sceneries, historic places, cultural hubs, cafes and many more! Here are some of the city’s highlights visitors shouldn’t miss.


Swimming pools

There are many popular swimming pools in the city. One is the Sundhöll Reykjavíkur which is situated a few meters behind the Hallgrímskirkja Church. The pool is enclosed within a building whose origin dates back to 1937. It is in fact the oldest pool in Reykjavik.

Vesturbæjarlaug is also another one of the popular pools in the western part of the city. It’s an outdoor pool housing a few saunas and hot tubs. One more famous site is the Laugardalslaug pool situated at one of Reykjavik’s recreational centers. These are all ideal spots for the ones who wish to relax comfortably within the city.

The Harpa Concert Hall

This massive glass building is an architectural gem within the city. The building astounds everyone with its incredible façade and the interior designs that display the uniqueness of modern day architecture.

Many popular events take place over here, including Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra which is certainly a treat to the ears. It is one of the perfect destinations within the city for some entertainment and classical vibes.


Food in this country is unlike any other. Sea food, fermented shark, bread, seabirds, lamb dishes and many more traditional cuisines are available in its wide-expanse in the city. There are strings of restaurants, cafes and rooftop venues from where visitors can enjoy the views along with enjoying all the tasty treats the restaurants serve.

Enjoy the night-life

Reykjavik’s night-life is what attracts tourists from all across the globe. The streets light up and get flooded by a bustling crowd. Shopping, exploring and partying can all be done in remarkable ways. There are also various musical events taking place that feature international electronic artists as well as world-famous music bands.

Cafes, pubs and bars are usually open till 1 am on regular days, however on weekends (Friday and Saturday) such places are open till 5 am. Art lovers will also have a splendid time attending the theater, opera, poetry brothels and cabaret musical performances.

Famous-People-from-IcelandArt and culture

Speaking of art Reykjavik has a stunning display of its tradition, history and culture at the museums, galleries and places around town. One such is the famous sculpture, the Sun Voyager situated at the seaside coast beside the Harpa Concert Hall.

One can also go check out fascinating sculptures at two of the city’s largest museums, namely Asmundur Museum and Einar Jonsson Museum. There are also smaller places like the Hallstein’s Park where one would eventually come across many sculptures nestled at their respective spots.

Hallgrimskirkja is the largest church in Iceland, located in Reykjavik.

The Hallgrimskirkja Church

The church is visible from almost every angle of the city and is indeed an architectural marvel worth visiting. The location is picturesque and the prevalent quietude is what furthermore enhances the environment’s distinctiveness. The architectural design resembles gothic styles including features of modern-day expressionist architecture as well.

Visitors can take a complete panoramic or 360 degree view of the entire city from the tower. It is open every day except for Sundays or special occasions like concerts.