About Iceland’s Iconic Black Sand Beaches

Are you looking for the best black sand beach in the world? If so, then you will find it only in Iceland. Reynisfjara is the name of the place, and it occupies the southernmost point of the country. You must be careful of the tidal waves, but you shouldn’t forget to witness the caves on the beach carved by the never-ending waves of the ocean that crash against the beach. You won’t find black sand beaches in most parts of the world. The pitch blackness of the sand creates a perfect contrast against the white foam of the waves and the blue waters of the ocean.

Reynisfjara are indescribably photogenic

The specialty

So, what makes Reynisfjara so special, and why do people wish to see it whenever they set out on Iceland Tours booked from vefsugerc41.sg-host.com ? After all, these beaches aren’t suitable for sunbathing at all. However, you can be sure about getting plenty of opportunities to take snaps with your camera. The black sand beaches of Reynisfjara are indescribably photogenic. When you see it with your own eyes, you will realize why philosophers say that Mother Nature is an artist. Besides, Reynisfjara’s beach carved its way through to the list of the 21 most beautiful beaches in the world, but not only because of its black sand. This place is unique, to say the least. Apart from the enchanting black coastline riddled with smooth stones and pebbles, there are massive stacks of basalt, hexagonal basaltic columns, basalt grottoes, tall cliffs, mind-boggling lava formations, and magnificent stone arches.

The best black sand beach

Undoubtedly, the most mesmerizing black sand beach in Iceland is Reynisfjara. During your Private Tour Iceland, you will find it on the southern coast a little distance away from the Ring Road. If you start your journey from Reykjavik, then you will have to travel around 180 kilometers. It would take you an entire day to make your way to Reynisfjara from Reykjavik and back. There are several amazing sites to check along the way too. The black sand beach stretches from the stone arches of Dyrholeay through Reynisfjara and reaches the small village of Vik. Despite all these stunning spots, Reynisfjara owns the crown due to the basalt columns, sea stacks, and caves.

The best black sand beachThe formation

Around 130 volcanoes exist in Iceland, and some of them remain active to this day. The black sand of these beaches comes from the ashes of those volcanoes. When lava enters the seawater, it causes a violent interaction. The lava cools down almost instantly, and this process breaks the solidified lava into sand and debris. When a huge amount of lava enters the icy waters of the sea, it can produce enough fragments to create a new beach within a few hours. Understandably, Reynisfjara is close to a massive volcano that erupted multiple times over the last one thousand years. For instance, the dangerous Katla volcano that has been dormant for nearly a century can erupt at any moment. The black sand beach of Reynisfjara formed from one of those eruptions.

Safety concerns

If you wish to find out more about the peculiarity of Reynisfjara’s black sand beaches, then you must pack your bags and book a trip to Iceland. Disclosing more about the beaches would ruin the fun. However, you need to know that this coastline of Iceland can be extremely dangerous. It may not look the part, but Reynisfjara’s black sand beaches claimed many lives in the past. Firstly, the currents and waves of the ocean can be extremely violent and cruel. One wave can sneak up to the coast without you even noticing it. You should also be careful with the basalt columns. You shouldn’t try to climb, particularly during high tide. Sneaky waves can come in and pull you into the ocean.

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