A Short Guide on Touring Iceland’s Enchanting Ring Road
About The Ring Road

If you want to experience a memorable trip in Iceland, then consider traveling across the famous Ring Road. The thrills will enchant you for lifetime! No matter whether you have visited the country before or not, the experience is incredibly intriguing, giving an extra bit of adrenaline rush. Read on.

Getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights
It is a common saying that if a traveler has not glimpsed the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Firstly, an overview

In exclusive Iceland Private Tours arranged by a top-notch travel agency like Discover, it is important to know the natural marvels you will experience across the Ring Road. There will be geothermal springs, rugged mountains, imposing waterfalls, and even sparkling glaciers!

Getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights

It is a common saying that if a traveler has not glimpsed the mesmerizing Northern Lights in one of the Private Tours Iceland, then the trip does not have any significant meaning! So, one of your top priorities should be to locate a suitable spot to glimpse the phenomenon. A professional guide will help you on this matter.

About The Ring Road

The Ring Road is on Route 1 of Iceland. It almost covers the whole country, in an encircling pattern. The distance the Ring Road covers is approximately 800 miles.

How long does it take to drive?

It is a very interesting question. It practically takes about 24 hours to drive the full Ring Road. But, there are scenic spots at every 5-minute drive distance! So, leaving the technical sides and focusing on the traveling sentiments, it would take nearly 7 days to cover the Ring Road meticulously.

A suitable vehicle to rent

The most intelligent step you can take is consulting with experts of a top travel agency. Renting a 4X4 vehicle is apt. There are other options, too. The travel agency will provide you with information and arrange for a suitable vehicle.

Experience across the Ring Road
Consider traveling across the famous Ring Road

Where can you start?

There are some travelers who are very excited about the road trip and start directly from the International Airport at Keflavik. Many tourists prefer to make Reykjavik the base, and start the trip from the capital city in a bit more relaxed manner.

About filling up gas

It is wise to fill the tank full before the start of the journey. There are many gas stations located across the country, though. Keep in mind the rates of gas in Iceland are more expensive compared to gas prices in other parts of the world.

Ensure mobile connections and groceries

It is preferable to buy a prepaid local SIM card when you travel across the Ring Road. You get access to GPS maps and internet data. Also, ensure the grocery items, dry food, snacks, etc you want to carry in the vehicle. Note that there are many lovely restaurants, eateries and cafes along the Ring Road.

Prepare an itinerary

One of the most crucial aspects to focus on is preparing a solid itinerary for the trip. The professionals at the travel agency will help you in this regard. The Golden Circle, the South Coast and the Eastern Fjords should be in the priority list.

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