A Short Guide on Some Loveliest Places in Iceland

If you are planning to visit Iceland, it is wise to know a bit about some the country’s most enchanting places. There are numerous such regions in a beautiful country like Iceland. The blog here gives you clear ideas about specific regions that you can consider. Read on.

The magnificent waterfall majestically falls into the sand of black beaches in Iceland.


The magnificent waterfall majestically falls into the sand of black beaches in Iceland. Make it a priority to discuss the itinerary of your Private Tours in Iceland with Discover, a top-rated travel agency. The cascade falls from a height of whopping 197-feet.


If you are passionate about exotic adventures, then consider visiting Vatnajokull in Iceland Private Tours. You will have loads of opportunities to explore the ice caves of the region. The place also has a few active volcanoes. You will get the required details from experienced travel agency professionals.


When you travel to the north-western fringes of the country, you reach the marvelous Westfjords area. You would be surprised to know that few tourists visit the place. So, you will not witness the typical touristy crowd. The dramatic terrains of Westfjords are bound to mesmerize your soul. You would be elated to explore the region.


You have to first visit a small, picturesque town in Southern Iceland named Vik. It is a 20-minute drive from Vik to reach Reynisfjara. The black sands of the region will capture your imagination. Also, the basalt columns of the place are incredibly impressive.

The Blue Lagoon
No tourist can bypass the beauty of Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon

No tourist can bypass the beauty of Blue Lagoon. It is a mandatory inclusion in any itinerary. The sheer beauty of the Lagoon waters can’t be described in words. You can reach the place on a private vehicle from the capital city, Reykjavik. Get a few dips in the lagoon waters and relish its freshness.


It appears like a medieval beast near the Coast of Icelandic Sea. It resembles a troll from the fairy tales. Hvitserkur has a height of 49 feet. It is a natural rocky structure. Birds love to perch on it. It is located in north western parts of Iceland.


The waterfall is a long drive from Reykjavik. But, you would be more than mesmerized once you witness it. The milky cascades of the waterfalls are majestic. It has an imposing 200-feet drop. You would be amazed to know that you can even walk behind the waterfall.


When your agenda is to witness the Northern Lights, you should visit Kirkjufell. It is arguably the best spot in the country from where you can relish the magical beauty of Northern Lights. Don’t forget to carry a high-definition camera with you when you visit the spot.

Consult with travel agency professionals

The objective is to properly plan the itinerary. You need to talk to experts from a renowned travel agency. Usually, there are plenty of customized travel packages you can explore and choose. Discuss the details of the tour with the experts. They will help you professionally in chalking out a good tour plan.

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