A Helpful Guide for Rejoicing the Exploration of Blue Lagoon during Pandemic
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Blue Lagoon is an exquisite marvel of Nature in Iceland. Iceland is not all about getting engrossed in the mystic charm of Northern Lights. There are multifarious beautiful natural beauties across its terrains. Blue Lagoon is one such captivating body of crystal clear, azure water epitomizing serenity. Traveling to Blue Lagoon, especially during the times of pandemic requires a bit more planning than the usual occasions. But, with the aid of a reliable tour operator, it is actually easy to plan for the trip in a hassle-free manner.

Traveling to Blue Lagoon
Traveling to Blue Lagoon

The impact that COVID 19 has

It is an undeniable fact that the pandemic is still affecting the travel and tourism industry to a significant account. Normalcy is returning at a slow pace. But, you don’t have to lose hope or keep aside your interest of exploring a lovely, fascinating country like Iceland. Private Tours in Iceland, as planned by top travel agency Discover, comply with all the set regulations of the government and diligently maintain the COVID 19 norms. If you belong to one of the approved countries according the Icelandic government’s list, then you are free to travel to the country.

Experience in a Private Tour Iceland the warm water of the Lagoon
Experience in a Private Tour Iceland the warm water of the Lagoon

Now, what actually is Blue Lagoon?

Obviously, you might be already excited to know about Blue Lagoon and its captivating beauty. It is one of a kind in the whole world. Its location among the lava fields of Iceland makes it more unique. You would be overjoyed to know and experience in a Private Tour Iceland the warm water of the Lagoon, which remains at 39 degree Celsius throughout the year. Yes, you read it right. Even in chilling winter months, when there is snow all across the nation, the water in Blue Lagoon still maintains the same temperature.

Healing properties

It is said that the water of Blue Lagoon has tremendous healing properties. It is rich in minerals that do a lot of good to your skin health. Taking a bath in water remarkably rejuvenates youthful spirits. You feel energized. There is a new leash of positive vibes in your soul. You become content after a long session of bath.

Blue Lagoon is in Reykjanes Peninsula
Blue Lagoon is in Reykjanes Peninsula

Where is it?

Blue Lagoon is in Reykjanes Peninsula. It is situated in the south-western fringes of Iceland. The landscape is barren and marked by peculiarly cone-shaped dormant volcanoes. If you plan to travel from the Reykjavik city, as it happens with most of the tourists, then it would take a 30-minute drive. On the otherhand, if you set the itinerary right from the Keflavik International Airport, then it would take merely a 15-minute drive to reach the Lagoon.

Following pandemic guidelines

Please keep in mind that you have to mandatorily follow the set of guidelines for tourists when you are exploring the place. The tour executives from Discover would provide you with necessary instructions that you should take seriously. In order to make your traveling experience memorable and enjoyable, this is very important.

Get in touch with experts

Talk to the representatives of Discover to know more informative details about the itinerary.

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