A Few Hidden Gems Of Iceland That You Need To See

Innumerable gorgeous destinations exist in Iceland. These places normally elude the eyes of many travelers since they are off the beaten track. If you’re searching for the hidden gems of the Land of Fire and Ice, then you’re in the right place. Here you will learn about a few of those elusive jewels that you can visit. You’ll need a vehicle to reach any of the places. For that purpose, you can hire a four-wheeler once you reach Iceland. After all, exploring this otherworldly destination on your own terms always leads to an adventure worth remembering. However, you may also consider relying on travel agencies that offer private tour packages.

Seljavallalaug Pool
Seljavallalaug Pool:
 Back in the day, this place used to be remote. Now that the government created excellent roadways, the Seljavallalaug Pool has become much more accessible. You will find it in the south of Iceland. As already mentioned earlier, you can rent a car and hit the road or book Iceland Private Tours from vefsugerc41.sg-host.com. You will reach this place only if you drive because tour buses don’t go there yet. Among all the pools in Iceland, this one is the oldest one that’s still standing. It does have a changing room, but there aren’t any showers. You just need a swimsuit to enjoy the experience.

Fridheimar Tomato Farm
Fridheimar Tomato Farm:
 Fridheimar isn’t just another tomato farm. If you’re fortunate enough, then you might just find Iceland Private Tours that will take you to this place. It’s the best place to stop for refreshments while circumventing the Golden Circle. It’s an organic tomato farm in Reykholt managed by a family. Apart from tomatoes, they also grow cucumbers. They send fresh produce to the market, but they also have enough to cook delicious tomato soup. Indeed, their soup is tremendously tasty and it helps to keep you warm during the cold days of the winter. You can have it inside the greenhouse itself. They also serve tomato schnapps, tomato ice-cream, and tomato Bloody or Virgin Mary.

Tjoruhusid Restaurant:
 This restaurant is downright gorgeous. It’s rustic and occupies a lovely spot in Isafjordur in the Westfjords. It remains open only during the summer months and Easter. Naturally, you have limited time to visit this eatery and taste some of Iceland’s most delicious seafood. You will sit on wooden benches and get acquainted with the people who will share the table with you. The restaurant always serves fresh fish caught the same day.

Hvitserkur Rock
Hvitserkur Rock:
 The Hvitserkur Rock stands alone outside the coastline in Hunafjordur in the northwestern region of Iceland. You have to take a detour from the main Ring Road between Blonduos and Reykir. Since most travel agencies don’t offer trips to this place, you may have to visit it by hiring your own car. Then again, travel agencies that offer private trips may take you there if you request. This place is also the best location to see the Northern Lights if you’re planning to visit during the winter.

Fjadrargljufur Canyon
Fjadrargljufur Canyon:
 Fjadrargljufur isn’t too far from the Ring Road. Tourists often refer to this place as Sweet Ass Mossy Canyon. The description won’t seem out of place when you see this location with your own eyes. The destination wasn’t as popular as it is now, thanks to the extremely popular show called “Game of Thrones.” It’s one of Iceland’s most picturesque canyons.

Vesturdalur Valley
The takeaway: Vesturdalur Valley

The last hidden gem worth adding to this list is the Vesturdalur Valley. Most people visit Lake Myvatn, Asbyrgi, and Dettifoss waterfall. You should also include Raudholar and Hljodaklettar in Vestadalur. You need to drive fifteen minutes from Asbyrgi canyon along the road 85 towards the Husavik village.

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