A Comprehensive Guide to Game of Thrones in Iceland
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Where are the locations where Game of Thrones shooting was done? Are you curious to see the natural view which is beyond the bloody gate’s wall? Are you curious to know why Iceland is the place chosen for Game of Thrones shooting by the producers? How did the crew and cast of Game of Thrones get on shooting here? Scroll below to get a comprehensive guide to Game of Thrones Iceland tour.

Iceland Tours

Game of Thrones is the web series produced by HBO which is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” Novels written by George R. R. Martin. This web series is worldwide famous. The web series is highly appreciated and watched among the youth, not only in one part of the globe but all over the world.

The first episode of Game of Thrones was aired in 2011. The reason for this web series catching millions of eyes is its incomparable audience holding story, cinematography, astonishing twists in the plot and mindset-provoking themes. The most important reason is the beauty of Iceland. The natural beauty of Iceland perfectly suits the view theme of Game of Thrones.

Iceland Tours

Since the release of the second season of Game of Thrones, directors and producers have found Iceland as the favourite place to shoot most of the scenes of the web series. Most of the memorable scenes of Game of Thrones are filmed in Iceland only. The producer says that Iceland has helped him to bring his imagination to reality and thereby helped the web series to touch millions of hearts.

Almost 10,000 viewers gathered in New Zealand to see the locations of Lord of Rings filming and in the UK, viewers gathered to see Harry Potter movie series shooting locations. In a similar way, thousands of people have plans to spend holidays in Iceland to see the landscapes which had a great contribution to the Westeros World.

Iceland Tours

Watching on the screens, the views of Iceland might appear so mesmerizing to anyone but when you visit Iceland, you can relive your favourite web series Game of Thrones experience in reality. Some of the places in Iceland are very easy o reach, as they are just off the main ring road while some of the places are highly inaccessible as some of the scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed on the top of the glaciers. Such places are reachable only via “F” Roads which are mostly covered with ice in winters.

Some of the locations are instantly recognizable the fans of Game of Thrones but some seem to be completely changed.

Iceland Tours

Hengilssvæðið, or Hengill mountain

Located in the Thingvellir south, this volcanic mountain is in the proximity of Reykjavik. This mountain is a famous hiking spot for hiking between Hengill and Reykjadalur Valley.

Þórufoss, or Thorufoss

It is a very popular waterfall in Iceland. It is a subsidiary of Golden circle of Iceland. Limited direction sign and zigzag roads make these places not much preferable by the tourists.

(Þórufoss, or Thorufoss) game of thrones filming locations iceland

Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain – Royal Palace Of Dorne

It is one of the most beautiful palaces across the world. Built by  Peter of Castile. a Christian king.

The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain – Long Bridge Of Volantis

Another amazing place that you get to see in Games of Thrones is The Roman Bridge. As the name suggests, it was actually being built by the Romans at very initial time span but it was being reconstructed a number of times later on.

Iceland Tours

Doune Castle – Winterfell

It is located in between the point of River Teith where the Ardoch Burn flows into it. An ultimate eye catchy and fairyland kind of a castle where Games of Thrones was being filmed.