5 Most Popular Restaurants to visit in South Iceland

Iceland is blessed with natural beauty, which holds the power to simply leave you spellbound. With its vast landscapes, lush green forests, amazing wildlife, huge mountains, and beautiful coastlines, Iceland is a place to be visited at least once in your life. But it is not only known for great sightseeing and adventure activities but also for its rich and diverse culture that offers some of the best cuisines that you have ever tasted.

There is a vibrant food tradition in Iceland. The hotels and restaurants also sell a four-course meal at all seasons. Every time, seasonal raw materials are used to maintain freshness. No matter where you are in Iceland, you are never far away from a great restaurant to fill your belly with amazing Icelandic deliciousness.

Iceland is mostly known for its cuisine is rich in seafood such as fish, crabs, prawns, and lobster. Since it is surrounded by the ocean, so the fact that fish and seafood are a big part of Icelandic cuisine should not come as a surprise. Meat, rice, dairy, and onions are a staple in Icelandic cuisine. But the wide variety of experiences that Iceland offers is truly what makes it so special. There is something for everybody. There are numerous restaurants throughout the state, from low to high prices and varying in value. The options are endless when it comes to great dining in Iceland. It should be easy to find something delicious, whether you are interested in healthy food or something less nutritious, domestic or foreign cuisine. Everything, from the lamb meat soup to fish stew called Plokkfiskur, will leave you wanting for more.

Let’s take a look at South Iceland’s 5 most popular restaurants that you can visit whenever you feel like having delicious food.

Reynisdrangar can be seen from Vík or Reynisfjara black sand beach

Black beach restaurant

It is one of the most beautiful restaurants that is located right in the lap of Mother Nature. It has the most astonishing natural sights of the region of Reynisfjara. Here, you are treated with lip-smacking hot soups, sandwiches, tea, coffee along with freshly made cakes and waffles. Get lost in the amazing taste of the delicious traditional Icelandic food that the restaurant has to offer. Lamb, beef, and fish are the staples of cuisine in Iceland. Meanwhile, crabs, prawns, and lobsters are considered delicacies.
What’s more, is the restaurant offers the scenic view of Dyrhólaey and the ocean that is located nearby. Take a short walk from the basalt formations and surround yourself with the most astounding wonders of nature. So, if you wish to enjoy great food along with the breath-taking view, then the Black beach restaurant is the place for you.

The Sólheimar Organic coffee shop

It offers products that are made from raw materials that are cultivated in an organic manner. It is the oldest eco-village in the world. Thanks to its location you can enjoy the best scenic beauty that South Iceland has to offer. It is open seven days a week in the month of June to August. People come here every year to taste their finest coffee, tea, bread, and cakes. They are known for their use of fresh and organic materials that result in Iceland’s premium bakery products that will leave you wanting for more. It is a great place to relax and calm your senses after a long day of fun and adventure at the exotic locations of South Iceland. You can also enjoy various events that are organized here on a daily basis.

Iceland foods and drinksFriðheimar

People in this restaurant take great pride in the food that they serve. Great importance is laid upon the quality of the food. The food that is being served in their restaurant is made of fresh raw materials. This results in delightful delicacies. You can enjoy great food among tomato plants that are located in the greenhouse of the restaurant. The tourist that visit hare claim that this as their best dining experience in Iceland. Taste the traditional lamb meat soup or the wide variety of Icelandic fish, and savor the flavor of Iceland. Hot dogs are also very common in this place. And don’t forget to taste the famous yogurt of Iceland called Skyr. What’s more, is along with awesome seafood, you can experience a horse show to spend some time with the horses of Iceland.

Einsi Kaldi

It is a great place for those who want to treat themselves with Iceland’s fine dining experience. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Hotel Vestmannaeyjar and offers some of Iceland’s most iconic recipes. It is known for its diverse menu that is available seven days a week. You can taste Iceland’s most delicious soups and meat dishes that you will savor for your lifetime. In this historic place, you enjoy finger-licking lamb, savory soups, meat along with fresh Icelandic fish. Utmost importance is laid on the freshness of the food so that the final result is rich in quality and taste. Furthermore, don’t forget to bite on the exotic fermented shark called hákarl. What’s more, is the cinema and the soda factory that is located near the restaurant.

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Hendur í höfn

This restaurant is one of the best places that you can visit in Southern Iceland. The food here is made from fresh raw materials so that turns out to be delicious. It has got a great ambience and the staff is very family-friendly as well. It is highly recommended to taste the finest sandwiches and hamburgers that this place has to offer. Munch on the savory meat dishes and Icelandic soups that will make your stay worthwhile. Enjoy the freshly baked cakes that come out of the hot oven. The delicious croissants and bagels that they offer are best enjoyed with a sip of hot coffee. Plus, they take excellent care of special diets like vegan and gluten-free and offer healthy alternatives that are bound to make you satisfied.