12 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland
Visiting and exploring Iceland

Visiting and exploring Iceland is considered among the top priorities in the travel journal of a globe trotter. Even if you are an amateur tourist, you need to make it a goal. There are several reasons to visit the beautiful country. Here are a dozen of them.

Witnessing the Northern Lights
The principal signature of Iceland Private Tours is witnessing of the Northern Lights.

Reason 1: Enjoying the Midnight Sun

The location of Iceland is just below the Arctic Circle. Discover, a top touring agency has expertise in conducting Private Tours in Iceland, which guides you to have glimpses of the Midnight Sun due to the summer solstice. Sunrise happens before 3 AM!

Reason 2: Witnessing the Northern Lights

The principal signature of Iceland Private Tours is witnessing of the Northern Lights. The magical dance of solar dust is something you will never want to miss.

Reason 3: Experiencing Geothermal Baths

Having a dip or two in the natural Icelandic pools is always refreshing. There are plenty of geothermal pools spread across the country’s terrains. The water is rich in various beneficial minerals.

Reason 4: Whale-watching

Whale-watching is one of the most intriguing activities. You need to travel to North Iceland for it. Usually, there are hundreds of humpback whales you can watch between December and April.

Getting enchanted in the Þingvellir National Park
Getting enchanted in the Þingvellir National Park

Reason 5: Getting enchanted in the Þingvellir National Park

It is one of the heritage areas of Iceland. A 45-minute drive from the capital city Reykjavik takes you there. The diverse flora and fauna of the Park will mesmerize you.

Reason 6: Exploring the magnificent Iceland Glaciers

Vatnajokull is the largest glacier in Iceland. The country has several other smaller-sized glaciers that you explore to discover natural beauty in unique dimensions.

Reason 7: Tasting local cuisine

You never explore a place completely until you taste the local delicacies. Iceland boasts of several local cuisine items that you must check out in local eateries and cafes.

Reason 8: Hiking

The mystic Icelandic mountains are peppered with numerous hiking trails. If you have a keen interest to scale mountainous regions, then don’t miss such a chance while traveling in Iceland.

Reason 9: Riding an Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horse is a pure-bred animal. Riding it like a Viking is a fantasy you can easily fulfill.

Reason 10: Witnessing the majestic Icelandic Volcanoes

Iceland is also the land of many volcanoes. Some tours particularly focus on exploring volcanic fields. You would be amazed by the sheer impact of the terrain’s appeal.

Traveling to the Black Beaches
Traveling to the Black Beaches

Reason 11: Traveling to the Black Beaches

The southern fringes of the country have famous black beaches. The cliffs there are made of black basalt. Djúpalónssandur is a marvelous black beach you can consider visiting.

Reason 12: Visiting the Lake Mývatn

It is a huge lake located in Northern Iceland. The surroundings are enchanting. Do not forget to consider it in your itinerary.

Make a detailed plan

It is wise to prepare a detailed plan of the itinerary. Consult with travel experts to customize the plan. Try to keep everything organized. The tour will be memorable – it is a guarantee.

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